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File: Guild2Guild01-13-08
Is it possible to show the other gu...
Posted By: Vicious_bomber
Is it possible to show the other guilds text in a new color? That way we can tell who is in our guild and who is not. Another option would be to ad the after the names of people in another guild. It just gets confusing for people and a way to tell the difference would be great.
File: TomTom06-13-07
notes vs waypoints
Posted By: Vicious_bomber
Is there anyway to build in an option to set up a map note instead of a waypoint? This specificly for interface with Lightheaded. I like the functionality but I hate it when I map out a bunch of cords that there are a ton of arrows all over my minimap and I would like to leave the notes so other toons can use them when I come back t...
File: MikScrollingBattleText06-02-07
Checking out this mod and so far so...
Posted By: Vicious_bomber
Checking out this mod and so far so good. I was wondering if you were planning on incorperating a minimap button, or even better, plugins for Titan panel and Fubar.
File: LightHeaded05-30-07
A suggestion for updating
Posted By: Vicious_bomber
You could build an EXE file that would grab new data from Wowhead and update the .Lua like Wowecon does. http://www.wowecon.com/ This would let your users update th information and you would not need to update the mod as comments increase. It would also allow you to focus on upgrades to this truly amazing mod. I have added thi...
File: LightHeaded05-24-07
Re: Re: CT MOd again
Posted By: Vicious_bomber
Originally posted by Cladhaire I have no plans to code in support for other map addons, I don't have time to keep them up to date. Really, I thought CT and Cartographer were the tip top map mods. Oh well, I guess i won;t get to use that functionality. /cry
File: LightHeaded05-23-07
CT MOd again
Posted By: Vicious_bomber
Actually could you build in the quest note to work with CTmap mod as well? I ahve all my notes in that mod and It would be nice to use this mod with it.
File: LightHeaded05-22-07
CT Mod
Posted By: Vicious_bomber
The comments won't load while CT Mod is displaying the quest levels. Uncheck the quest levels and BOOM, back come the comments. If you could make a workaround for this that would be great.