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File: ncBiggerMacros01-11-12
Bug fix for ncBiggerMacros
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With the last patch, Blizz changed how macro icons are handled in the Macro UI. Because of this, ncBigger was no longer able to display the selected macro icon when creating a new macro. When dragged to a hot bar, the hot button with the new macro would appear to be empty except for the name of the macro displayed at the bottom of...
File: Hack10-11-09
Originally posted by Mud My priva...
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Originally posted by Mud My private copy of Hack has evolved a bit -- more efficient highlighting code, line numbers, per-page keybinds -- but I'm reluctant to release it because I removed books and I know that's going to piss people off. Mud, I would recommend that you go ahead and release your current copy, with the stipulatio...