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File: aUF_Layouts05-15-08
Originally posted by tordenflesk...
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Originally posted by tordenflesk I'm trying to change moonwitch to fit my UI, but no matter what i do i can't seem to make the fonts the right size. I use 9pt silkscreen, but even after setting it at 10 it STILL is smaller than the rest of my fonts. Clearfont2 is set to not affect other addons, and I've I've put the slkscrn.tff(ren...
File: ShaderMod CritTracker 3.0 Modded05-11-08
Originally posted by Sky-Dexter A...
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Originally posted by Sky-Dexter Added to the beta 13 ( http://skydexter.free.fr/wow/ShaderMod/ShaderMod-324-BETA13.zip ) ;) Note : You need to check the "Track Melee/AutoShot/Wand" option. Toc file fixed in beta 12/13, no more "Out of date" tag Awsome! Works great! Thanks dude :)
File: ShaderMod CritTracker 3.0 Modded05-10-08
Originally posted by mulesh Does...
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Originally posted by mulesh Does not track the priest "Shoot" spell. Combat Log: Your Shoot crits for damage. I tried adding it myself but couldnt get it to work. Still not tracking the Shoot spell for wands. The spellID is 5019.
File: CraftyGnome05-08-08
Does the character with the tradesk...
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Does the character with the tradeskill have to be online for CG to generate results? Or can it pull data for results from the SavedVars? Id like to know if someones does !gem stam, will CG generate results if my jewelcrafter isnt online.
File: Loot Filter04-18-08
Originally posted by ayinafa It s...
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Originally posted by ayinafa It seems no GemCrafting Recipe in Recipe types? -- Recipe = "Alchemy", = "Blacksmithing", = "Book", = "Cooking", = "Enchanting", = "Engineering", = "First Aid", = "Leatherworking", = "Tailoring", A Recipe type for Jewelcrafting is needed.
File: Chatterbox04-11-08
For Seebs
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This was just posted today http://www.wowace.com/forums/index.php?topic=12738.0
File: MusicTheme02-29-08
Originally posted by Malqui I hav...
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Originally posted by Malqui I have made one but some songs arent working in certen areas (exodar and IF) where can i post it? (for free) and would u be willing to look at it and see where i messed up? I use http://www.filebam.com to host my sound pack. Its not great service, but it is free. And I would be happy to look over...
File: MusicTheme02-28-08
Originally posted by Malqui I hav...
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Originally posted by Malqui I have come accross this issue as well. is there a fix for it? and have you given thought to other RPG themes becides FF7? like maybe Xenogears (not xenosaga)?:banana: That is a bug, it will be fixed in the next release. Id like to get a more stable, feature full version posted before I start...
File: PlaySound02-10-08
Originally posted by hArd_killah...
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Originally posted by hArd_killah Im not sure if this is for you...but perhaps its possible that you add an option which plays a certain sound whenever something gatherable (mining/herbalism) becomes visible/trackable on minimap? This is not possible due to game API limitations.
File: aUF_Layouts02-10-08
Re: Tooltip?
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Originally posted by Shoben works great. everything is there i think. appreciate the fast service :D Your welcome, sorry it was not updated correctly the first time. Originally posted by Protocol82 This is an amazing addon, perfect for what I need. but ONE issue. I cant seem to get a tooltip. When I used to hover over other...
File: PlaySound02-08-08
Requested Features
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I am glad that so many people like my addon. The ideas for new features are excellent. This addon started off being nothing more than "use an ability, play a sound" and has evolved into what it is now because of its users. Thanks guys for your support :) Some of the feature requests that I am looking at including: Low Health (p...
File: aUF_Layouts02-08-08
Re: layout Moonwitch
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Originally posted by Shoben the layout moonwitch does not seem to be in the options when i install the addon. i was wondering if i am missing it under a different name or if it is just not there. thanx :) I just checked it out from here and it seems WoWI updated my new version number but failed to actually include the new files....
File: aUF_Layouts02-01-08
Originally posted by surpremacy22...
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Originally posted by surpremacy22 Hey there. I was wondering how i get the very small buff bar to go away. Its the small blue bars that show ur targets buffs. It gets in the way of everything. How can i turn the completely off? In ag_UnitFrames, buffs and debuffs are refered to as "Aura's" in the menu. Just set the ones you dont...
File: aUF_Layouts01-26-08
Originally posted by mindtrix Can...
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Originally posted by mindtrix Can someone update these layouts a bit? I really like them but some are broken. I want to use the CiathDiscord.lua file, but evertime I load WoW it loads the player frame fine. But the Target and ToT frames show no color, I have to switch the layouts to something else then back again. The CiathDi...
File: MusicTheme01-19-08
Info Update for v3.0.0
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Work has been progressing with the new model. Ive got several new features as well as improved old ones. 3.0.0 Features: Enhanced GUI (new look) Support for editing during gameplay Support for multiple songs per event I have finished most of the "Backgrounds" section and laid the ground work for all the other sections. Thi...
File: MusicTheme01-13-08
Originally posted by Ragatol Grea...
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Originally posted by Ragatol Great add-on ^^ I love it! One question though, is there a possibility to enable it to add songs for specific areas by yourself, if for example I want one song to play in Zangarmarch? Zone specific music, yes its possible to code that. Now that I think about it, that doesnt sound too hard to do. Ill tr...
File: MusicTheme01-02-08
Re: Making a music library
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Originally posted by Zintin Question when you make a music library can you just have only 2 events example: pvp song and pve song? or do you have to fill the entire thing. I only did 2 songs and I got an error something like "Musicfile" The theme file needs to have all the elements presant, but you can leave them blank (i.e. Res...
File: Loot Filter12-31-07
The changes are sublime :) Thank...
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The changes are sublime :) Thanks Meter
File: MusicTheme12-28-07
"Random" support
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I will be attempting to add sub-tables to each sound element to allow for overall randomness. Users will be able to create themes that have several songs for any one element and the addon will randomly select one to play when that event is triggered. This will change the way themes are coded, but should allow for some really interest...
File: MusicTheme12-24-07
GUI bugs
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I know there are some odd bugs with the GUI. If you disable some songs (i.e Taxi) then it messes up the triggers for other songs (i.e. Mounted). If you come across something like this, please let me know so I can make adjustments. Use "/music debug" and reproduce your bug. Tell me what the last message was and what songs you had O...
File: Chatterbox12-24-07
A fan
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I am very much looking forward to seeing this complete. I love using AnnoyRP and I think the new design and methods you have in ChatterBox are nice improvements. Thank you for your effort and hard work :)
File: MusicTheme12-24-07
Originally posted by mrsir Oh, th...
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Originally posted by mrsir Oh, thanks for the new release =D BTW, is it just me or does the PVPBattle song bug? (like keeps restarting) I havent noticed, but I will look into it.
File: MusicTheme12-23-07
Originally posted by mrsir But wh...
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Originally posted by mrsir But what about Silvermoon City music? I looked in the files but didn't see any of them about silvermoon... Its coming :)
File: MusicTheme12-22-07
Re: Re: Recent Comments
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Originally posted by ioncat Found an error, methinks. I'm not sure if this is my doing, or a real error, but...using the same musictheme.lua (as well as FF7), my OutsideNightFsong will play when it's night. However, as soon as I enter and exit battle, or as soon as I enter and exit an inn, the music switches back to the OutsideDayF...
File: PlaySound12-21-07
Originally posted by Rynor Dud i...
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Originally posted by Rynor Dud i love this mod!! Can i add an option when the target is 20% hp (Enemy Target) Plzzz that would be great! i got a Run Biach Run Sound xD A low health sound, yes that would work.