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File: FuBar - RestFu03-26-07
I don't have the error text in fron...
Posted By: Gilgalon
I don't have the error text in front of me, but the plugin also bugs out when you delete a character from any server. I'll try to remember to get that error text and paste it into this posting later today after I get home from work.
File: Fubar_FactionItemsFu03-21-07
Originally posted by Kolakhan I s...
Posted By: Gilgalon
Originally posted by Kolakhan I selected a half a dozen factions to watch. When I mouse over the fubar icon I see the top two. How do I scroll down and see the rest? There appears to be a small silver "slider" in the upper right hand corner of the box but when you move your mouse away from fubar the entire box disappears so I ca...
File: ItemBonusesFu12-11-06
Unable to remove bonuses in FuBar panel
Posted By: Gilgalon
I am having a problem removing bonuses shown in the FuBar panel. I made the mistake of checking the option to show them in the panel instead of the tool tip. Now I have all these bonuses scrolling across the Fubar panel. Right-clicking the icon won't bring up the config/options window to turn off rendering the bonuses in the pan...