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File: QuestGuru12-07-10
Do you plan to upgrade the quest tr...
Posted By: boobox
Do you plan to upgrade the quest tracker to be able to turn in the quests that require to click on the default tracker? Right now I have to log out and turn of that addon then log in turn in the quest and then log back out to turn it back on. It would be greatly appreciated.
File: MountRandomMount11-12-10
mrm problems
Posted By: boobox
I just started using this addon. I randomly get this error when I click on the flying list. 1x MountRandomMount-4.0.1e\MountRandomMount_GUI.lua:32: attempt to index field '?' (a nil value) :"*:OnShow":1: in function <:1> : in function `Show' :"*:OnClick":3: in function <:1> Locals: self = MRM_Tab...
File: RuneWatch08-28-08
Bug: Not sure if this is a beta bu...
Posted By: boobox
Bug: Not sure if this is a beta bug or your addon but my blood specced DK has death rune mastery and when i use death strike it does not seem to change the runes into death runes.
File: LiteTip08-28-08
Suggestion: Besides being able to...
Posted By: boobox
Suggestion: Besides being able to place the tooltip at your cursor I would suggest having other options available. (E.G. Anchor Top Left, Top Center, Top Right, etc..)
File: DoTimer09-25-07
I have noticed since the last versi...
Posted By: boobox
I have noticed since the last version, even before the patch today, that the normal blizzard buff icons are showing up even though I use CT_buffmod. If i remove Dotimer the problem goes away. Is there any sort of workaround for this? I love dotimer but I cant have the blizz buff icons up it gets in the way of the rest of my ui...
File: DoTimer05-25-07
Hey there was an older addon called...
Posted By: boobox
Hey there was an older addon called CountDoom. I'm sure most warlocks that use your addon are familiar with it. In your addon when a timer is clicked it says in chat the cooldown on it. In CountDoom it would target the mob the dot was on. I was wondering if you could add this functionality in. It would be greatly appreciated.
File: Bagnon01-09-07
Posted By: boobox
bag.lua 130: ContainerIDToInventoryID(): invalid container ID Pops up every time i open my bags, Also it seems to open a duplicate copy that overlaps when i open my bags instead of opening then closing.