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File: GupPet11-04-10
Originally posted by Gupp Nope th...
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Originally posted by Gupp Nope there is no option .. the addon will now always dismiss the comp when you stealth. Can that be made into an option at some future date? Love GP, but it's sub-optimal with the enforced despawn.
File: Raven10-24-10
Did Blizzard biff add-ons having th...
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Did Blizzard biff add-ons having the ability to cancel buffs in CAT, or is just a work-in-progress to recode for them now being a protected function?
File: GupPet10-16-10
Originally posted by Gupp Ok that...
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Originally posted by Gupp Ok that is good .. the only weird thing is now wy it wont get de summoned. And no blizzard didn't build in the future but the addon watches for a event and that function to work. The problem is that i'm in Austria for like a other 3 months and the internet connection is to crap here to do some good debuggi...
File: GupPet09-30-10
I've been out of the game for over...
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I've been out of the game for over a year, I didn't realize Blizzard had implemented any sort of auto-dismiss function for the vanity pets. To answer your question: = 1 Originally posted by Gupp It should dismiss the pet by default if the blizzard functions work ;) .. Would you try and use: "/dump IsStealthed()" as chatcomm...
File: GupPet09-27-10
Forgive me if I missed something ri...
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Forgive me if I missed something ridiculously obvious, but is there 9or can we get) an option to not dismiss vanity pets in stealth? It's annoying dropping in/out of stealth only to have the pets constantly recycle.
File: Ara Broker Guild Friends04-05-09
Was the Blizzard API changed in som...
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Was the Blizzard API changed in some way in the last month or maybe a library? I've tried out a couple different guild/friend LDBs and they all seem to delay/reset when I mouseover. Prior to the 3.0.x line (but after WotLK) my tooltips would get their info and be all hunky-dory. Now they seem to refresh, slowly, and reset to "..."...
File: NinjaPanel12-21-08
Originally posted by Cladhaire Op...
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Originally posted by Cladhaire Options for this will exist, whenever I get an opportunity to write the options for it. Awesome. Proper left/right/center functionality is the only thing keeping me on FuBar right now. That and a goofy race condition with RepairBroker that I haven't worked around quite yet. Anywho, great work. You...
File: Mapster11-05-08
With a few extra downloads (which i...
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With a few extra downloads (which is totally fine) Mapster is getting to be a solid replacement for Carto. I recognize the cool factor of C3, but it's not what I want/need. On to the request - Two of the features I really miss from Cartographer are the integration with ToFu (to mark flightpaths automatically) and putting handy ico...
File: ClassMasterLoot v2.0110-22-08
Just me or is CML busted in 3.0's n...
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Just me or is CML busted in 3.0's new world order? I wasn't able to loot anything in SSC last night and BugSack was chock full of errory goodness from CML.
File: StealYourCarbon03-29-08
Awesome, your execution of ideas is...
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Awesome, your execution of ideas is always solid, quick and compact. For me personally the bank feature is a must-have though as that's actually where almost all the items I "restock" come from right now. When you're adding that support in please also consider bi-directional support. I like setting quantities of raw materials as...
File: PerfectRaid11-11-07
Re: Re: Re: Re: 2.3?
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Originally posted by Cladhaire It shouldn't affect perfectraid. I would suggest downloading the PTR if you're concerned with your UI, as you'll be able to resolve most issues now. I ran a Zul'Aman raid with the "final" PTR code last week without a glitch. Well, at least without a glitch from PRaid.
File: Saeris's LootLink11-05-07
Originally posted by Nathanyel Se...
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Originally posted by Nathanyel Seems they want to categorize food consumables in 2.3, at least Crescent-Tail Skullfish (and afaik only this one of the new foods) is categorized in the cooking panel as (in German) "Fleisch" (in English probably "Meat") and LL told me it found an unknown item cat "Fleisch" as well. The patch note...
File: PerfectRaid07-25-07
Originally posted by Cladhaire At...
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Originally posted by Cladhaire At the moment, no easy way, no. How about... a zone check that could be applied to your frame layouts? Same result, different approach :)
File: PerfectRaid07-20-07
Is that possible to macro? I ha...
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Is that possible to macro? I have 4 different "designs" stored for various situations and it'd be lovely to throw them in a macro to toggle on/off. Before the 2.0 patch debacle this was possible in praid, wasn't it? My mod-memory is flawed sometimes. :)
File: Saeris's LootLink02-21-07
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The issue was resolved in 8.2.8 from 2/16, thanks.
File: Saeris's LootLink02-19-07
UI Reload Prompting
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Is it now the normal behavior to demand I reload the UI every time I log a character in? I've done /fullreparses 'til the cow level loads to no effect. This has been the behavior in the last 2 or 3 revisions I've loaded.
File: MetaMap01-05-07
Any news on what the foul-up/fix wi...
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Any news on what the foul-up/fix with Gatherer is? I enjoy both mods, so removing one or the other is a Sophie's Choice scenario I'd rather not be forced into.
File: ag_UnitFrames01-05-07
XP Bar
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Is there any possible way to get an additional behavior added to the XP bar soas to force it to display something? Specifically, the ability to force it to show XP, or the "default" Blizzard behavior. This would allow one to use faction-watching mods that automatically update to relevant faction displays elsewhere (bongos xpbar, e...
File: Saeris's LootLink12-11-06
Feature Request
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I would love to see a simple option to globally hide items below a certain threshold. The (now defunct?) LootLink Enhanced package had that and I find that I'm missing it quite a bit. There's a *ton* of grey/white/green stuff that I just never want to see when I go browsing in my DB. Thanks for the continued enhancement of the...