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File: QuestJunkie05-05-09
Re: Re: Thanks!
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I was only asking about a slash command wondering if an option for a quest tracker would be in there. I've ran into a lot of addons that have more options in that method than a gui config, even if it has both, no specific reason more detailed than that :) I appreciate the time you have spent responding, and looking into a tracker...
File: QuestJunkie04-28-09
Posted By: zirquel
This is really appreciated. I've been lost without JasonQuest when helping my friends level since WotLK, and only just found this addon. I've just a few questions. First, is there a way to put up a quest tracker? Second, is there a way for it to utilize an extended quest log/frame? An example being found at http://wow.curse.com...
File: RicoMiniMap12-17-07
capture bar
Posted By: zirquel
Is there a way to move the faction capture bar (used in EotS battleground, Hellfire towers, etc)? Chances are I'm blind and just don't see how, but I've been trying to find some option for awhile now, and have failed at successfully searching in the forums or Google. Any help is appreciated.