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File: Outfitter11-04-10
GetItemCooldown doesn't work anymor...
Posted By: Wonderfool
GetItemCooldown doesn't work anymore with an item name, see: http://www.wowwiki.com/API_GetItemCooldown You have to supply the item id now
File: Satrina Buff Frames 310-15-10
Unhide Blizzard buff frames
Posted By: Wonderfool
SBF always disables the Blizzard buff frame. For those who still need to be able to cancel buffs until a solution is found: Search for the two occurences of self: DisableDefaultBuffFrame() in SatrinaBuffFrame.lua and put a -- in front.
File: OneBag312-18-06
Linking from OneView
Posted By: Wonderfool
Linking items from OneView in chat via Shift-Click didn't work for me in the most recent version from wowace.com. Linking from OneBag worked without problems. Wonderfool
File: GridStatusHots12-14-06
Tried it out in ZG yesterday and it...
Posted By: Wonderfool
Tried it out in ZG yesterday and it worked like a charm! :) Suggestion: Let the indicator blink the last 1-2 seconds to visualize expiring Hots. Wonderfool