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File: Elkano's BuffBars10-05-08
Posted By: Rachellie
I am Using Morgantis Buff bars and wanted to ask.....they at the buff icon will show party or Raid members that do not have the buff which is helpful to locate the unbuffed people in Raids and one off buff them. Also Morganti allow you to do icons with no text in horizontal rows qith times does Elkano do that also? Thanks, Rach
File: X-Perl UnitFrames04-01-08
Cannot see other Casting in party.
Posted By: Rachellie
:eek:HELP! In the Past using X-Perl you were able to see via their cast bar in their individual portraits when party members were casting, what they were casting or say getting on a mount. Since 2.4 I cannot see this anymore and neither can other players I play in party. Has something changed? I have reinstalled and updated X-Perl 3...
File: Totem Timers12-14-06
Problem with zip
Posted By: Rachellie
When unzipping this it all goes as separate files into the addon directory no separate "totemtimer" folder exists or is created and file put into that folder. Need to check your zip and make sure it is archiving using folder tree. -Rach