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File: Reagent Restocker11-17-08
Originally posted by darkwolf89 d...
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Originally posted by darkwolf89 did u try ticking the load out of date addons box? Yep it's checked off. I even disabled all of my other addons to make sure it wasn't a conflict and it still doesn't work
File: Reagent Restocker11-06-08
As of the patch on 11/04 this is no...
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As of the patch on 11/04 this is now broken... for me at least. Doesn't even register that I have it installed, when I type /rr it comes up as unknown command. And it's listed as being Out of Date in my addon listing but so are one or two others and those still work... very disappointing :(
File: Bartender312-14-06
saving profiles
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nevermind, figured it out :) LOVE this mod, thanks so much!