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File: SpartanUI12-24-10
Posted By: AnthonyK
I just wanted to say THANK YOU so very much for doing this. I've gotten so used to spartan ui. I've been using it as it was, just had quite a few bugs so your Fan Update has been a life saver.
File: AutoBar11-11-10
Thanks Muffin, I was using your...
Posted By: AnthonyK
Thanks Muffin, I was using your fix till today when I went to update and it said the mod didn't exist. LoL! Thanks for keeping me going. I think this is one mod I would miss dearly if it ever was gone for good. It saves so much space.
File: Broker uClock10-25-10
Re: Re: Hiding WoW Clock
Posted By: AnthonyK
Originally posted by Tarka I was having this same problem, think I figured out what was causing it for me. I also have carbonite and it also has an option to turn off the clock. I unchecked it and I think that has it fixed. Ah, I use Carbonite as well. I'm sure that's the problem. Thanks much.
File: Broker uClock10-24-10
Hiding WoW Clock
Posted By: AnthonyK
Everytime I log on I have to set uClock to hide the default clock again. Any ideas why it's not saving this option?
File: Fishing Buddy03-02-10
Posted By: AnthonyK
Is there LDB capability with Fishing Buddy? I used to use fubar & fishingbuddyFU, but it doesn't work with fortress or chocolate bar. Scratch that... I'd been getting Fishing Buddy from Curse, but I see this pack has a broker addon.
File: Super Duper Macro02-07-10
Re: #showtooltip question
Posted By: AnthonyK
Originally posted by Mithuata Greetings! I just discovered SDM today for macros longer than 255 characters, and it looks very promising! However, I am having an issue with a long macro not showing the tooltip. Here is the full macro: In standard macros, this works just fine (so long as you don't go over the 255 character limi...
File: LinksList08-06-09
Missing yer mod already. You plan o...
Posted By: AnthonyK
Missing yer mod already. You plan on updating this or has it gone the way of the DoDo.
File: LinksList + All Plugins10-16-08
3.02 Update?
Posted By: AnthonyK
any chance of updating these for 3.02? I love this mod and miss it dearly. ;)
File: ArkInventory09-20-08
Originally posted by arkayenro yo...
Posted By: AnthonyK
Originally posted by arkayenro you can stop the warning by entering /ai misc alert disable you cant stop the bug itself or the workaround code from happening though. thanks much :)
File: ArkInventory09-18-08
I'm not sure what happened, but now...
Posted By: AnthonyK
I'm not sure what happened, but now I am suddenly getting this "error" every time I open my bags. I've reset the profile numerous times, and it still gives me this message. ArkInventory: Alert! Bug fix complete. The FrameLevel for the Bag window is currently at 130 and has been reset to 2 to ensure that it remains functional....
File: ArmorCraft (Fan Update)05-24-07
Any chance on this being updated fo...
Posted By: AnthonyK
Any chance on this being updated for the newest patch? Just curious. I think I'll miss it when my guild members ask, "what can you make for me?" :D
File: FuBar - Top ScoreFu04-24-07
In the filter options... what exact...
Posted By: AnthonyK
In the filter options... what exactly does "trivial scores" filter?
File: AutoBar12-15-06
Posted By: AnthonyK
I downloaded and installed autobar as soon as yo uhad an update for 2.0. The config was a little buggy at first, but it worked itself out. It's been working pretty well. I just installed Beta 11 and my autobar went to @#$%. The config is thrashed now. :( There were multiple errors. If need be I can post all of them, but just about...