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File: Cooldown Timer Text02-12-12
Stopped working with latest patch i...
Posted By: monya
Stopped working with latest patch it seems, just noticed. So sad... Anyone can handle an update of such a small and handy addon? Pretty please!)
File: TomTomPing11-13-10
Posted By: monya
Causes slight to major lag on subzones, zones border crossing. Uninstalled till fixed.
File: CloseUp10-16-10
Re: Re: Re: Update for 4.0.x??
Posted By: monya
Originally posted by Alaylith Yeah, but you can only zoom in to the face. <.< The zoom of pets and mounts is restricted, too. And I am missing my undress button. ._. So it would be really great to get an update of this addon - I totally love it! :) Clearly they tried to copy and failed, CloseUp FTW! :cool:
File: AllPlayed05-04-10
Removed Fubar support (use Broker2F...
Posted By: monya
Removed Fubar support (use Broker2Fubar) No way! Me <3 Fubar and that B2F addon is not updated for 2 years...
File: DoTimer04-09-10
Originally posted by IceShadow Do...
Posted By: monya
Originally posted by IceShadow DoTimer-4.4.1\Cooldowns\communication.lua:188: attempt to call method 'SetClickAction' (a nil value) Any ideas? I can't seem to figure out how to stop it. +1 Date: 2010-04-10 09:26:10 ID: 1 Error occured in: Global Count: 1 Message: ..\AddOns\DoTimer\Cooldowns\communication.lua line 188:...
File: StopTheSpam01-28-10
Yep, still working perfect for me a...
Posted By: monya
Yep, still working perfect for me as well.
File: QuestClicks01-26-10
Nice addon, but causes huge lag spi...
Posted By: monya
Nice addon, but causes huge lag spikes on every loot pickup, outfit swaps or moving items in bags, bank. Sad to disable.
File: tekticles12-06-09
Love these font replacing addons, l...
Posted By: monya
Love these font replacing addons, like ClearFont and Tekticles! Tekticles even more, cause its more simple and light, good job! Actually the only thing which can be compared by usefulness is Gun Silencer/Suppressor... P.S. i use CalibriBold for all 4 fonts and it looks awesome and so clear. <3 u for the addon, mate.
File: BigWigs Bossmods10-18-09
/tip command, implemented in latest...
Posted By: monya
/tip command, implemented in latest update, foked up TipTac options calling, remove it pls. <3 in advance.
File: BuyEmAll08-17-09
Yep, smart stacking works again... <3
Posted By: monya
Yep, smart stacking works again... <3
File: BuyEmAll06-13-09
Yep, smart first stack changed with...
Posted By: monya
Yep, smart first stack changed with this update. And linkin badge items i didnt check yet, maybe it works fine with this update... ^^
File: BuyEmAll06-13-09
Hm, great addon, been using it for...
Posted By: monya
Hm, great addon, been using it for years it seems, worked perfect full time, except then blizz fucked up smth and BuyEmAll started to prevent me from linkin badge items and such, from vendor window... so i always used MobMap since that time to link them...:) But conc this update: first press of "Stack" button used to offer u amoun...
File: Buttonrange05-29-09
Originally posted by Jackalantern...
Posted By: monya
Originally posted by Jackalantern What has changed in this latest version? *.toc file updated
File: X-Perl UnitFrames05-21-09
Re: Re: Drop-down problems
Posted By: monya
Originally posted by AnrDaemon I have both Cart and QH installed with XPerl, and it is definitely NOT the XPerl fault. Cart:InstanceMaps (or one of it's deps) is the offender. Had same problem with dropdown menus, and unfortunately its QuestHelper causing it. Try using Addon Control Panel to be able to load sets of addons for di...
File: QuestHelper11-23-08
MobMap 3.10 release!
Posted By: monya
Finally! Finally! Finally! MobMap 3.10 released! The best ever db addon now has QuestHelper feature inside and i can disable the crappy made and ram eating QuestHelper! If anyone yet not tried MobMap, which provides all possible info right in game while eating no ram, due to hooking libs(dbs) when they are needed - go get it and ne...
File: Cooldown Timer Text10-29-08
pure gold!
Posted By: monya
This beauty owns all others like OmniCC and stuff for me. I vote for light and perfect addons, which do their job ^^ *bows before author* <3 P.S. works fine with 3.0.x with no updates.
File: Clique04-03-08
Hey there, Clad! Thanks for awesom...
Posted By: monya
Hey there, Clad! Thanks for awesome addon, using for ages with X-Perl and PerfectRaid. Got one problem, may be not you should be asked, but its not the question for druid forums or wiki either. I need to assign Nature'sSwiftness+HealingTouch to alt+leftclick, so that it works as simple HT, and as NS+HT, when NS is ready! I kn...
File: Recipe Radar03-01-07
Originally posted by Moosetrax Do...
Posted By: monya
Originally posted by Moosetrax Does anyone know if this plays well with Cartographer? http://www.wowinterface.com/downloads/info6403-Cartographer.html RecipeRadar also somehow turns off gathering addons like Cartographer_Fishing, Cartographer_Herbalism, Cartographer_Treasure... You enable them back from cartographer menu, bu...
File: Cartographer01-09-07
DAMN! :mad: 100 times asked... b...
Posted By: monya
DAMN! :mad: 100 times asked... but. TELL US, PLEASE, HOW TO IMPORT DATA FROM "GATHERER"? There is "Cartographer import" plugin, but how it works??? Thanks.
File: MetaMap12-20-06
cant really say if any other addon...
Posted By: monya
cant really say if any other addon makes metamap to lag, but im getting great lag when opening map, not slideshow, but nevertheless... previous version, or even one before previous - everything was ok... Anyone else with the same problem? Or everyone got 10Gb ram?