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File: rBBS_RothUI12-04-12
Open http://code.google.com/p/rothu...
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Open http://code.google.com/p/rothui/source/browse/trunk/wow5.0/rBBS_RothUI/style.lua Find this: rBBS:spawnPowerOrb(addon, cfg.powerorb, dragframe) Make it rBBS:spawnPowerOrb(addon, cfg.powerorb, dragframe) _G.v2:Hide() Basically after spawning the power orb you grab the orb and hide the second value. Worked perf...
File: rBBS_RothUI12-03-12
Is there any way to hide just the p...
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Is there any way to hide just the power percentage? It's sort of redundant on classes that use rage/energy, and gets weird when you have 120 max power. I wouldn't mind being able to swap the health value and percentage too, but that's just nitpicking.
File: BarKeep07-28-07
Yes, the bars are working perfectly...
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Yes, the bars are working perfectly now. Thanks for the fix.
File: BarKeep07-09-07
an issue
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It's great to see this addon brought back to life in TBC. I'm having an issue though. The bottom left action bar is showing up stacked under the main action bar, instead of above it. The bottom right action bar shows up over top of the primary action bar, so that I can't see it or move skills around on the buttons.