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File: Recipe Radar09-04-12
Move to outdated!
Posted By: Fleety
This addons, kinda works...but should clearly be in the outdated mods section. The addons hasn't been updated since (before) the Shattering and is now over an expansion old. It doesn't have the new maps(!) and places like Stranglethorn Vale simple leave it presenting with a lime green background and no map at all. The Barrens, as...
File: Fishing Buddy09-01-12
Fan Fix Update?
Posted By: Fleety
This is seriously one of my favourite addons. If the author has abandoned or is too busy, could someone with the skills (that I lack) to do us a quick fan fix, on FishingAce at least, I really miss double right-click casting. :D
File: DoTimer02-06-11
ISF buff...
Posted By: Fleety
There is a review and evaluation of DoTimer that sums up the current issue I have with using the addon, the ISF buff, @ /ragequit
File: Broker_LFD07-31-10
Posted By: Fleety
All this plugin shows in Docking Station is the text LFD, I was hoping for at least the same functionally of the built in, as shown in the screenshot. OK 1.3.1 (from Curse) works correctly. :mad:
File: OptionHouse10-28-08
Posted By: Fleety
I'm very grateful to Shadowed for taking this update on. I've been lost without this gem since the 3.0.2 update; so many addons have been broken or half function and spamming errors it's been a nightmare wading through them. :( It simply reinforces how valuable this mod is and although he probably hear's a lot of platitudes I for...
File: Bartender304-19-08
I've been using Bartender3 for a lo...
Posted By: Fleety
I've been using Bartender3 for a long time now and the 2.4 patch has really knobbled it. I'm having the same issue as Amethy. This actually effects Bar 1 which is supposed to page with stances. This seems to happen in the middle of combat which is why I'm looking at other bars today and not waiting for a fix. Bar 1 stops paging...