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File: FuBar - RecZone12-19-06
Originally posted by Dexter74 @ I...
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Originally posted by Dexter74 @ Inyu the message in the Chat comes however despite the changes unfortunately still With those changes there is indeed stiil one error. But it happens only when reczone is initializing. After that, all is ok wherever I go. I use the release 20811 which I downloaded from wowace.
File: FuBar - RecZone12-17-06
string.find problem
Posted By: Inyu
Hello all, I think I found the problem with the french and german client. Some zone name have been translated, but with the original name inside parenthesis at the end like "Forgefeu (Ironforge)". This generate a problem with all the string.find calls which take the parenthesis as a capture pattern. I added ",1, true" for each strin...