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File: Recap07-08-11
Updated for patch 4.2. Hawksy
Posted By: Hawksy
Updated for patch 4.2. Hawksy
File: IgnoreMore06-24-10
Probable fixes for IgnoreMore:
Posted By: Hawksy
First, change the GetSelectedIgnore function to look like this: function GetSelectedIgnore() if (not list) then return orig_GetSelectedIgnore(); end if (IgM_SelectedIgnore == null) then return 0; else return IgM_SelectedIgnore; end end Second, change the function IgnoreList_Update to look like this:...
File: Titan Panel [Recap]06-17-10
Version for 3.3.3
Posted By: Hawksy
An updated version for Recap 4.50 and later (WoW patch 3.3.3) can now be found at: http://wow.curse.com/downloads/wow-addons/details/titan-panel-recap.aspx Hawksy
File: FaceMelter05-26-10
Error when becoming mind controlled during Lady Deathwhisper fight
Posted By: Hawksy
Abbreviated error message for v 3.333: FaceMelter.lua:181 table index is nil Presumably my new target while mind controlled is not found in 'npcList'. Hawksy
File: ItemRack02-16-09
Portal Dalaran to ground and back
Posted By: Hawksy
Ran across a bug today. I had dressed my toon in just the "Lovely Black Dress". The Lovely Black Dress is not in any ItemRack setting. I just removed everything else and manually equipped the dress. I don't have any ItemRack events enabled. I took the portal that is in the Violet Gate down to the ground, and Item Rack swappe...
File: ItemRack10-18-08
Option to disable swapping into bank
Posted By: Hawksy
Hi, I would really really like an option (it can be off by default) to disable any swapping into or out of the bank when I happen to change gear while I have the bank open. I have previously edited your code to do this disabling, but sometimes when I update ItemRack I forget and then get frustrated with much of my gear swapped...
File: RecapFu09-06-07
For use with Recap (Hawksy) v 3.71...
Posted By: Hawksy
For use with Recap (Hawksy) v 3.71 and higher, there needs to be one change. On line 165 of RecapFu.lua change "\\Recap\\Recap-Status" to "\\Recap\\Images\\Recap-Status". Hawksy
File: RecapFu03-14-07
For use with Recap (Hawksy) v 3.61...
Posted By: Hawksy
For use with Recap (Hawksy) v 3.61 and higher, there need to be two changes. On lines 199 and 200 of RecapFu.lua remove ".Local". There is a corrected version posted with Recap (Hawksy), but that corrected version will not be updated when FuBar itself changes. Hawksy
File: IgnoreMore01-10-07
Appears to break priest Mind Control
Posted By: Hawksy
Using IgnoreMore 1.02 with WoW patch 2.03, this addon appears to cause a major problem for priests using Mind Control. With the addon installed, the Blizzard action bar for controlling the controlled mob is not there. Not sure how an 'ignore' mod would affect a Blizzard action bar, but it appears to. Hawksy
File: Clique01-07-07
Spells that fail seem to 'stick' to the cursor
Posted By: Hawksy
Using Clique 2.3.3 in a battleground if someone is out of range and I use my key+click combination on a CTRaidAssist window to try to heal them, nothing happens of course (except for the out of range screen message), but the cursor retains a glow that indicates that it has a heal spell loaded up. Is there any way for Clique to cle...