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File: TrickOrTreat [updated for 4.2]02-24-11
Play sound when sound effects are muted
Posted By: Retlaw
As per the new 4.0.6 sound API: PlaySoundFile("Interface\\AddOns\\TrickOrTreat\\sounds\\alert.mp3","Master")
File: CandyDice01-05-07
Originally posted by Taroven I'd...
Posted By: Retlaw
Originally posted by Taroven I'd really hate to see CD completely break as the patches continue... I've been using it since about three days after I started my first Rogue, and I couldn't imagine switching to another mod! Well, if you use FuBar, you can try out RogueTimerFu at http://www.wowinterface.com/downloads/info6630-FuBa...
File: CandyDice01-01-07
Re: CandyDice fix
Posted By: Retlaw
Damn, still randomly pops the line 720 error with my fix, so may want to stick to the other fix.
File: CandyDice01-01-07
CandyDice fix
Posted By: Retlaw
Actually, I found a better way of fixing it without possibly breaking other CandyBar dependent addons, or having to modify it again on new CandyBars versions. File: CandyDice.lua change line 699 cb:RegisterCandyBar(cbn, 1, ability, icon) to cb:RegisterCandyBar(cbn, 1, ability, icon, fgcolor, bgcolor) and line l...
File: kEnergy01-01-07
Option suggestion
Posted By: Retlaw
The option to turn off the spamming of removing outliers and non-20 energy ticks would be really handy.
File: CandyDice12-28-06
That did the trick for me, thanks f...
Posted By: Retlaw
That did the trick for me, thanks for the fix. :)
File: CandyDice12-17-06
Errors with latest AceEvent/CandyBar
Posted By: Retlaw
CandyDice seems to have problems with the latest versions of AceEvent and/or CandyBar, having them loaded causes the following errors when cooldown or timer bars are shown: AceEvent-2.0\\AceEvent-2.0.lua:403: Interface\\AddOns\\CandyDice\\CandyDice.lua:699: CandyBar-2.0: Bad argument #6 to `Register' (string expected, got nil)...