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File: Movable Bags 7.1 Legion Fan Updated10-21-10
Bag positions dont appear to stay saved.
Posted By: Diabolus
Just when I think they're going to stay put, I log back in and find they are piled up on top of each other again. It looks like the save or restore code is not working 100% of the time. Anyone else experiencing this? -D
File: Trinket Menu05-19-08
Re: Re: Re: Skinning Issue
Posted By: Diabolus
Originally posted by Gello re: riding crop: I'm sure there are plenty of mods to handle swapping riding crops back out after combat. It's not a very complicated process. (Player in combat? Make a note to unequip riding crop. Player leaves combat? Check note, unequip riding crop) This mod is a subset of a larger mod called...
File: Trinket Menu05-15-08
Re: Re: Riding crop request
Posted By: Diabolus
Originally posted by Gello That sounds pretty serious Slippt I'll see if I have time to look at it more. I'm wondering if anyone else is seeing that? On the riding crop, select the riding crop in the queue list. At the bottom you'll see a "Pause Queue" checkbox. Check that for the riding crop or any other trinket you don't wa...
File: Trinket Menu05-14-08
Riding crop request
Posted By: Diabolus
Gello, can you add the logic to swap the riding crop in as soon as you mount? I'd like Trinketmenu to put back whatever was there when I dismount or return to queuing if that was the case before I mounted. The problem with most mods that do this is they conflict with Trinketmenu and trinketmenu just swaps the crop right back ou...
File: TrinketMenu (Fixed 2.4.2)04-23-08
Re: Re: Riding crop
Posted By: Diabolus
Originally posted by thegriffgeeks I use Baud mount and this and have no problem with the riding crop not going back in the right place. There are lots of mods that swap your riding gear automatically. The problem is if TrinketMenu is queuing trinkets it will immediately swap them back out and prevent the riding gear from stay...
File: TrinketMenu (Fixed 2.4.2)04-15-08
Riding crop
Posted By: Diabolus
The only thing I ever thought was missing from Trinket Menu was the ability to swap my riding crop into the slot I choose automatically when I mount. Many mods do this, but they conflict with Trinket Menu's queuing and more importantly, if you drop off your mount in combat, they do not queue the trinket the way this mod does so once...
File: FreeRefills09-04-07
Bank functionality
Posted By: Diabolus
Does the author visit here? If not, is there a better place to post comments/bugs? I noticed several people complaining about the pull from the bank not working. It works for me once in a blue moon, but most often it does nothing. In addition to getting this working, I'd like a push to bank option too. Like someone else he...
File: Automaton06-13-07
Originally posted by berador i ha...
Posted By: Diabolus
Originally posted by berador i have the same problem i am going crasy about it Sis Just hold down the shift key when clicking an NPC and this will disable Automaton's anti-gossip feature. Exploiting the mod's features is often the cure to its bugs :)
File: Trinket Menu02-23-07
Riding/Mount Trinkets
Posted By: Diabolus
Gello, can you add a check box to tell Trinket Menu to automatically equip the carrot or riding crop trinket when you mount? If checked, this should overide any other priorities set when the mod detects that you are mounted. It should restore the apporpriate trinket on dismount. Thanks in advance, D
File: Automaton01-06-07
It now drops shadowform flawlessly...
Posted By: Diabolus
It now drops shadowform flawlessly when I click a holy spell, but now it also drops me out of shadowform every time I click a filght master (After clicking "I need a ride"). Can you tweak that? Some times I jump off a bat and PVP immediately. Thanks for the hardwork.
File: Automaton12-17-06
Great mod, but a couple of suggesti...
Posted By: Diabolus
Great mod, but a couple of suggestions: 1) Auto repair all items in bags too. I have boots and gloves with riding buffs that I have Titan switch for me. I always have to repair these by hand. 2) When I click a holy spell in ShadowForm (Priest), it does not take me out of shadowform. I just get the shapeshift error. Great work!