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File: TourGuide12-27-07
Im having some difficulties just tr...
Posted By: Melkor
Im having some difficulties just trying to get this to run, Tourguide appears in my addons list on the character selection screen but when im ingame it's as if it doesnt exist, are there any addition files that I need that are missing? Thanks.
File: TTSpellTimer01-05-07
Originally posted by twig314159 T...
Posted By: Melkor
Originally posted by twig314159 The addon uses the debuff list on your target to figure out if the spell succeeded or not. Because of this, it is possible for the addon to not create timers if you do not have the enemy targeted at the time the banish debuff goes into effect. For example: 1. Target mob A 2. Cast banish on mob...
File: TTSpellTimer12-22-06
I have noticed that the tracking fo...
Posted By: Melkor
I have noticed that the tracking for banish is a little off, sometimes if i cast a banish the mod won't pick up on it and give the relevent timer info and icon despite it being enabled. I havent noticed it being specific to certain mobs either, its entirely random. Have any other warlocks noticed similar behaviour?
File: TTSpellTimer12-18-06
I seem to be suffering from a recur...
Posted By: Melkor
I seem to be suffering from a recurring error when using the succubus (and hence seduction) when in battlegrounds. It causes "Interface\AddOns\TTSpellTimer\TTSpellTImer.lua:1190: attempt to compare a string witha number". Any ideas?