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File: Blazing Saddles08-03-08
8714 break?
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GetCompanionInfo returns up to 5 elements now... , , , , . For those of you having problems with the line 14 error, change the code to this: local _,_, name, icon, active = GetCompanionInfo("MOUNT", i); Same goes for the vanity pet error on line 55: local _, _, name, icon, acti...
File: ChatSettingsFix (Patch 2.4)04-01-08
Originally posted by Tekkub My re...
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Originally posted by Tekkub My repos are now git, no more gcode. This addon is not even in a repo, because I expect it to have a very short life span (was hoping it'd be fixed today...) They couldn't get it in to this build. http://forums.worldofwarcraft.com/thread.html?topicId=5687510006&pageNo=1&sid=1#4
File: HighRoller03-31-08
How did I ever win loot before gett...
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How did I ever win loot before getting this mod?
File: Bongos212-30-06
Re: Global Cooldown
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Originally posted by Adsertor Is there anyway to get this to show as a wariror timing is everything and with this missing I'm going to have to drop this mod and switch over to something like trinity which shows it. Please can you add an option to show the global cooldown as this is very important for warriors and other classes...
File: Grid12-18-06
Originally posted by XMushroom Se...
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Originally posted by XMushroom Seems like this is really a great addon, but I dont see the option to show buffs, like power word shield and the like. I honestly dont see the point of such an addon that cant show certain buffs. Am I wrong, does grid show such buffs?If not, please add it. Great work overall! It does. You...