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File: Achievement Sounds12-22-10
Not working: 1x AchSnd-2010-12-2...
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Not working: 1x AchSnd-2010-12-21\AchSnd.lua:83: attempt to index global 'MikSBT' (a nil value) Locals: ---
File: FuBar_RoutesFu12-11-10
Posted By: BorgkingZero
I can't enable and disable routes with the Addon anymore. 3x FuBar_RoutesFu-1.1.1\RoutesFu.lua:74: attempt to index field 'zoneData' (a nil value) LibFuBarPlugin-3.0-90063:634: in function `runChildren' Tablet-2.0-90216 (FuBar):2370: in function `children' Tablet-2.0-90216 (FuBar):2414: in function `Open' Tablet-2.0-90216 (FuB...
File: UberQuest (Fan Update) (WoW 3.3.x)01-13-10
I have many Quests, the Error came...
Posted By: BorgkingZero
I have many Quests, the Error came when i click the button show all.
File: UberQuest (Fan Update) (WoW 3.3.x)01-13-10
First Bug :)
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Hi here is the first Error that i found :rolleyes: : 1x FrameXML\BasicControls.xml::"*:OnShow":1: in function <:1> : in function `Show' UberQuest-3.2.2\UberQuest.lua:...
File: UberQuest (Fan Update) (WoW 3.3.x)01-12-10
Jeah Big Thx, I love this Addon !!!...
Posted By: BorgkingZero
Jeah Big Thx, I love this Addon !!! :banana: :banana: :banana:
File: Outfitter08-09-09
Hi i have the same error too ! :...
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Hi i have the same error too ! : LibStatLogic-1.1-59 (Outfitter):5470: attempt to call local 'strutf8lower' (a nil value) ---
File: Bang! Auto Ammo04-08-09
2 Chars
Posted By: BorgkingZero
Hi there, first "nice" Addon. The problem is i have 2 Hunter's ( don't ask :) ). One have a Bow the other a Gun and the Addon have no Profil for Chars. So the Addon try's to use the Bow ammo by the Gun Hunter !? Can you fix this ? Thx Carinos
File: Power Auras Classic02-03-09
Sounds about right.. try "pet" inst...
Posted By: BorgkingZero
Sounds about right.. try "pet" instead of "Pet" (all lowercase and no double quotes ofc) Sorry dosent work.
File: Power Auras Classic02-02-09
Hi there. Is it possible to make...
Posted By: BorgkingZero
Hi there. Is it possible to make a Warning for my Hunterpet's Life ? I want a flashing Cross when my Pets lif is unter 80% Life but it dosen't work. I tried the Petname and Pet in "Charname" but nothing. Can someone help me ? Thx Here is the Export of my Pet Life Warning:
File: Overachiever02-01-09
BorgkingZero: Did you download v0....
Posted By: BorgkingZero
BorgkingZero: Did you download v0.35 immediately after it was uploaded? The wrong file was uploaded at first and was on the site for maybe 5 minutes, and that looks like one of the errors that was fixed with the proper v0.35 release files. Ok now it works. Thx
File: Overachiever02-01-09
Error on the German Client
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Error on the German Client : Overachiever_Trade-0.35\localization.lua:10: unexpected symbol near 'end' Interface\FrameXML\UIParent.lua:229: in function `UIParentLoadAddOn': Interface\FrameXML\UIParent.lua:283: in function `TradeSkillFrame_LoadUI': Interface\FrameXML\UIParent.lua:873: in function `UIParent_OnEvent': :"*...
File: WinterTime01-07-09
Hi there. This is a nice Addon b...
Posted By: BorgkingZero
Hi there. This is a nice Addon but it don`t work with the german client. WINTERGRASP in german are Tausendwintersee. I hope this helps^^. A scaling & transparent option would be nice too. Thx
File: DemonTrainer (Continued)06-04-07
Sorry i did the Fix but i have the...
Posted By: BorgkingZero
Sorry i did the Fix but i have the same Error again. Every time i speak with the Demon Trainer the Window is empty and i have the message: "You must close DemonTrainer before you attempt to learn a new grimoire. If you don't, you will sell the grimoire back at a loss." in the Chat Window. Sorry i dont now what's wrong.
File: Demonomicon06-04-07
Thx @ Alestane Now the Button sh...
Posted By: BorgkingZero
Thx @ Alestane Now the Button shows up. Is there a change to move the button ?
File: Cartographer01-28-07
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Cartographer-r26385\Cartographer.lua:876: attempt to call method 'GetZoneFromTexture' (a nil value) : in function `SetMapToCurrentZone' Cartographer-r26385\Cartographer.lua:1049: in function `configureYards' Cartographer-r26385\Cartographer.lua:617: in function
File: Cartographer01-14-07
Many Errors: 1.: Babble-Boss-2....
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Many Errors: 1.: Babble-Boss-2.2\Babble-Boss-2.2.lua:373: AceLocale(Babble-Boss-2.2): Can only accept true as a value on the base locale. "enUS" is the base locale, "deDE" is not. Ace2\AceLibrary\AceLibrary.lua:85: in function `error' AceLocale-2.2-23383 (Ace2):215: in function `RegisterTranslations' Babble-Boss-2.2\Babble-Bos...
File: OneBag301-13-07
Always i want use somthing in my in...
Posted By: BorgkingZero
Always i want use somthing in my inventory like Recipet, Food ... this Error came: ADDON_ACTION_BLOCKED:AddOn 'MailTo' tried to call the protected function 'MailTo_InvUse_Save()'. : in function `MailTo_InvUse_Save' MailTo\MailTo.lua:436: in function `UseContainerItem' Interface\FrameXML\ContainerFrame.lua:582:...
File: German Bookworm data file01-13-07
Wow 1000 mal Danke ! Als meine a...
Posted By: BorgkingZero
Wow 1000 mal Danke ! Als meine alte Datenbank durch die neue Version gelöscht wurde war ich echt fertig. Nochmals THX.
File: Cartographer01-04-07
Explore Modus
Posted By: BorgkingZero
Hi i love this Addon but... when i have it installed, all the Maps where explored. I disable the Foglight-Function but now ALL my Maps was unexplored ! I like to explore the Maps of my own but when i disable it i must explore every Land again !? I now my english is bad :eek: Thx