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File: Wow UI Backup 1.912-02-08
Out of curiosity, why use WinRar at...
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Out of curiosity, why use WinRar at all?
File: InspectKey04-09-08
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Holy crap the game's been out almost 4 friggin years and I finally get an addon I (in all seriousness here) always wanted. Something small to take a peek at that cool weapon or something, who really needs the bloated fluff? I'm definitely gonna give this a whirl. Thanks.
File: PitBull 3.003-25-08
The new DUF huh? Getting a little a...
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The new DUF huh? Getting a little ahead of yourself maybe? Think maybe if you want to compare yourself to a classic WoW mod you might want to think of the end user? Like this: "LibDog Tag-3.0 doesn't have to be backward compatible with previous versions." Sorry paraphrasing your original post in the thread you linked. Which really d...
File: AzCastBar02-03-08
Bar Textures
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Aezay First, thanks for coding a simple cast bar replacement. I switched from Quartz to yours with little regret. Keep up the good work. Unfortunately, I have a small problem to report w/ your latest version. There's an issue if you have a bunch of bar textures via SharedMedia and MyMedia, the upper most texture list goes off scre...
File: Chippu07-10-07
Kinda harsh comments there Haste ab...
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Kinda harsh comments there Haste about skinner, since it does what it does and does it well. The author of which had no idea that a mod like yours was around, but thanks to Phanx the auther of skinner, Jncl, has made skinner work with Chippu. File can be found on files.wowace.com
File: Cartographer05-30-07
Originally posted by dakishman he...
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Originally posted by dakishman hey guys! I'm sure u get this alot but I LOVE cartographer! Having a slight problem though... A guildie of mine really wants to use cartographer, but keep the standard WoW gui he has. Is there a package containing all the nessasary Libs and files needed that he can download and install to get it...
File: FuBar - PetInFu12-18-06
Warlock Pet Names
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While I understand this addon is aimed at a hunter, it is still useful for a warlock. As such, just wanted to point out a bug. If you summon a felguard, the felguard's name isn't displayed as the text portion of the plugin. It just displays "unknown" 60. Understand that this is purely a low priority request, outside of this I have fo...