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File: X-Perl UnitFrames05-12-08
Re: Party portraits dissapears in Arena
Posted By: dth
Originally posted by freeheeler Everything works perfectly outside arena. But as soon as i enter Arena the party portraits dissapears...? So i have to /focus my teammate to be able to see his portrait hp and so on.Arena is considered a raid (AFAIK) - do you have xperl hiding your party frames when you're in a raid? -T
File: X-Perl UnitFrames04-07-08
X-Perl on WoWAce
Posted By: dth
Zeksie - just wanted to say a huge thanks for taking the time to post X-Perl to wowace! -T
File: X-Perl UnitFrames03-28-08
Originally posted by Zeksie May t...
Posted By: dth
Originally posted by Zeksie May take a few days, but I'll get onto it. Gonna have to dig out a shaman tho from somwhere. Let me know if you want/need help testing... I'm a coder, so i can help debug issues, too, if you build a "first pass" attempt at the functionality. -T
File: X-Perl UnitFrames03-26-08
Re: Talent Text
Posted By: dth
Zeksie: What's your timeline on shaman totem timers? (or do you have one, yet? :)) Originally posted by luuuunatic For some reason, my x-perl is no longer showing the correct or sometimes not showing any talent spec. Just thought I'll let you know. Originally posted by ywfn Viewing of talents seems to be pretty hosed....
File: X-Perl UnitFrames03-25-08
New Shaman Totem Timers for 2.4...
Posted By: dth
Hey, Zeksie... Does your update for tomorrow include a hook for the new Shaman Unitframe Totem Timers that are now in 2.4? ;-) Thanks! -T
File: AutoProfit11-17-07
Main site for Autoprofit
Posted By: dth
The main site for Autoprofit (as per the comments in the code) is: http://www.gameguidesonline.com/guides/worldofwarcraft/wow_addons_autoprofit.asp And it appears the current version is 4.5. -T
File: Examiner11-15-07
Just wanted to say "thanks" for thi...
Posted By: dth
Just wanted to say "thanks" for this mod. I'm a long-time SuperInspect user, and was overjoyed when I found this one :-) -T
File: RatingBuster12-22-06
R.B. broken for "Sanctified Orb"...
Posted By: dth
Hmm, the Paladin quest reward (http://www.thottbot.com/?i=52069) breaks ratingbuster, since it has a unique text of: "Increases your critical strike rating and spell critical strike rating by 42. Lasts 25 sec." This combination of melee and spell crit breaks R.B. in a nontrivial way, since you use " and " to split on. Just...