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File: Skada Damage Meter02-21-09
Uptimes data
Posted By: Deri
Hi, I really like the debuff uptimes data that is available, however, would it be possible to implement something similiar for your own buffs? I play a priest and a hunter and it would be useful to be able to see the %uptime of my replenishment buff and expose weakness/master tactician info. It would save having to get this fro...
File: GridStatusShield01-16-09
Rounding of shield amounts and D.Aegis procs.
Posted By: Deri
Hi Julith, I'm finding this v useful now I've started to level my Disc. priest through WotLK. I've noticed that the shield remaining figures on your s/shots are just shown as a integer, mine are currently showing to 4dp's :) which I'm thinking is abit of overkill! I haven't actually looked in the code, but is this something y...
File: Clique10-06-07
Clique and Pitbull with Party pet frames
Posted By: Deri
Hi Clad, I'm currently using the latest version of the Pitbull frames and Clique, I've had a few months break from WoW and previously had no problem click casting on the Pitbull Party pet frames, however, now the 'click' isn't being picked up. I notice that there is an options button which shows the enabled frames, I've used the...
File: ClearFont204-26-07
Other Ace2 mods not loading
Posted By: Deri
I would suggest that other ACE2 mods arent loading for people because the libraries included with this download of Clearfonts are newer than the one's the users have in their other ACE2 mods. This can cause compatability issues. I would suggest visiting files.wowace.com and downloading the latest version of your other ace2 mods,...
File: Natur Enemy Castbar03-26-07
Posted By: Deri
Hi, nice looking mod, however, there has to be something obvious im doing wrong!... It doesnt appear to track my Renew, either 'right click cast' through Bartender3 or 'normal' casting by manually targetting myself and clicking the spell button? Any help appreciated, Thanks, Deri
File: DoTimer02-18-07
Prayer of mending
Posted By: Deri
Hi Asheyla, Is it possible to provide support for the lvl68 priest spell Prayer Of mending? It has a 30 sec duration on a target (only 1 target at a time) and if that target receives dmg in the 30secs it heals and then jumps to another group/raid member nearby and that target then receives it for a 30 sec duration. This 'target ho...
File: SmartBuff01-07-07
Profile questions
Posted By: Deri
Before the question, I'd just like to say that I disagree with Erazors pointless and unconstructive comment below, maybe if you state what the bugs are they could get fixed? Although I havnt actually seen any atall... Right... Can you confirm, when im in AV it is definately using the Battlegrounds profile? and not the Raid one?...
File: TTSpellTimer12-31-06
Right click self cast mod
Posted By: Deri
Update looks to be working fine with the click casting. Thanks! I also use rSelfcastBB, which simply allows me to right click a spell to cast it on myself, if when doing this i have another person targetted the timer gets their name. A pretty specific issue im aware, but if its an easy fix, something you could post on the boa...
File: TTSpellTimer12-29-06
Any news :)
Posted By: Deri
Hey i know itsChristmas, and if you have had anywhere near as much alcohol as i have had other the last week you wont feel like coding, but ... :) Any news on the click casting problem, not picking up the correct target ? Ill admit, i've tried spellwatch, which does work ok with the click-casting but on occasion just seems to c...
File: TTSpellTimer12-24-06
Excellent news ! Happy Christmas...
Posted By: Deri
Excellent news ! Happy Christmas! :)
File: TTSpellTimer12-24-06
Clilckcasting problems
Posted By: Deri
I use Clique for clickcasting. When i have myself targetted but I am click-healing on raid and/or party member the timer for, renew for example, has my name next to it, even though I have 'click-casted' it on a member of the raid, is there a way that this can be fixed? Still very nice mod though:) Deri