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File: LinkWrangler11-28-13
Release version 1.92
Posted By: brykrys
Just a TOC update for 5.4. Sorry it's late!
File: TooltipItemIcon06-14-13
Version 1.65
Posted By: brykrys
Just a TOC update this time.
File: TooltipItemIcon06-14-13
Pet Cages
Posted By: brykrys
It should be possible to add icons for pet cages. But they work so very differently to ordinary tooltips, it would effectively be like writing a whole new AddOn for them. I'll have to think about it some more...
File: TooltipItemIcon03-07-13
Version 1.64
Posted By: brykrys
TOC Update for WoW 5.2, and a fix for a change in currency icons
File: LinkWrangler-Auctioneer Plugin12-21-12
Version 1.56
Posted By: brykrys
Just a TOC update for 5.1
File: LinkWrangler12-21-12
Release version 1.89
Posted By: brykrys
Just a TOC update for 5.1
File: TooltipItemIcon12-21-12
Version 1.63
Posted By: brykrys
TOC update for 5.1, and better support for currency token icons.
File: Poisonous10-26-12
Trying out version 5.0.1 I found th...
Posted By: brykrys
Trying out version 5.0.1 I found that it will sometimes display a warning that you have no poisons when you do - and re-applying poisons doesn't help. Eventually tracked this down to when you switch to a cross-realm zone. Looking into Poisonous.lua, it's re-running Poisonous:CheckAbilities() due to event == "PLAYER_ENTERING_WORLD"...
File: TooltipItemIcon09-21-12
Version 1.62
Posted By: brykrys
TOC update and support for currency tokens
File: LinkWrangler08-29-12
Release version 1.88
Posted By: brykrys
Has some fixes for WoW 5.0.4
File: LinkWrangler07-03-12
New release: version 1.87
Posted By: brykrys
Adds Stat differences to the Comparison tooltips (optional, can be turned off) Should work with MoP Beta
File: QuestGuru12-24-11
My guess is that the Keyboard probl...
Posted By: brykrys
My guess is that the Keyboard problem is the same thing as the old SaveBindings error, probably something like: For some reason the key bindings sometimes aren't loaded by the time QuestGuru tries to check its own keybinding. At this point GetCurrentBindingSet doesn't return a valid 1 or 2, which caused the old error. If QuestGuru...
File: QuestGuru12-21-11
I would like to suggest completely...
Posted By: brykrys
I would like to suggest completely removing the code to enforce a keybind in the tracker. Any user that actually wants it can easily set it in the Keybinds menu. On the other hand, any user that wants to use Shift-L for something else has to figure out how to prevent QuestGuru from overriding their setup. The workaround is to s...
File: LinkWrangler-Auctioneer Plugin12-13-11
LinkWrangler-Auctionator? Auctiona...
Posted By: brykrys
LinkWrangler-Auctionator? Auctionator's tooltip code is not accessible to other AddOns, so not possible from my end.
File: LinkWrangler12-13-11
Release version 1.86
Posted By: brykrys
Nothing new, just a TOC update for WoW 4.3
File: Disable Profanity Filter12-06-11
Error when Battle.net not connected
Posted By: brykrys
Message: ...ns\DisableProfanityFilter\DisableProfanityFilter.lua line 8: not connected to Battle.net Debug: : ? : BNSetMatureLanguageFilter() ...ns\DisableProfanityFilter\DisableProfanityFilter.lua:8: ...ns\DisableProfanityFilter\DisableProfanityFilter.lua:5 Zoned just after Battle.net disconnected. That di...
File: eXtreme Unit Buttons07-23-11
Lua error when configuring
Posted By: brykrys
In the Unit Frames config, using the drop-down menu and selecting a Unit Frames scheme causes a lua error Message: ..\FrameXML\UIDropDownMenu.lua line 543: attempt to index local 'icon' (a nil value) Debug: : ? ..\FrameXML\UIDropDownMenu.lua:543: UIDropDownMenu_Refresh() ..\FrameXML\UIDropDownMenu.lua:632: UIDrop...
File: LinkWrangler07-01-11
Release version 1.85
Posted By: brykrys
ToC update for WoW patch 4.2 Adds new slash command "/lw spacing " Used to prevent the LinkWrangler windows from getting dragged or pushed too close to the edge of the screen. may be top, bottom, left or right may be 0 - 250 The following should prevent LinkWrangler windows from getting stu...
File: LinkWrangler-Auctioneer Plugin05-04-11
Version 1.52
Posted By: brykrys
Just a TOC update. Also, a new Preview version of Auctioneer has just been released at http://auctioneeraddon.com/dl/#preview
File: LinkWrangler04-28-11
Release version 1.84
Posted By: brykrys
ToC update for WoW patch 4.1 and some other minor changes.
File: TooltipItemIcon03-03-11
Thanks for testing. I'll reinstate...
Posted By: brykrys
Thanks for testing. I'll reinstate that line in the next version (which will probably be the one for 4.1).
File: TooltipItemIcon03-01-11
Unfortunately, Inside mode has alwa...
Posted By: brykrys
Unfortunately, Inside mode has always been the least stable mode. There used to be a problem with comparison tooltips, but it appeared to have been fixed. Possibly it hasn't? But they seem to be working for me now. If you're up for some editing, go into TooltipItemIcon.lua and un-comment line 329, so that it reads data.parent:S...
File: LinkWrangler-Auctioneer Plugin12-14-10
Originally posted by Chilius Any...
Posted By: brykrys
Originally posted by Chilius Any news about a Cataclysm update ? Eep! Been neglecting this little plugin :( I think it should still work if you enable out-of-date mods, but I'll try to sort out the updated version in a day or so.
File: Livestock12-03-10
I get the following error when usin...
Posted By: brykrys
I get the following error when using the Land Mount button on my Shaman: Error occured in: AddOn: Livestock Count: 1 Message: Error: AddOn Livestock attempted to call a forbidden function (CancelUnitBuff()) from a tainted execution path. Debug: : CancelUnitBuff() Livestock\Livestock.lua:1223: NonSmartPreClick() :1:...
File: LinkWrangler10-25-10
There is a known problem with shift...
Posted By: brykrys
There is a known problem with shift-clicking player names into GM tickets, that I haven't been able to figure out a workaround for. I wasn't aware that it was happening to chat commands though. Is this something that worked before the patch?