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File: PerfectRaid01-03-07
Cladhaire, Thanks for the hard w...
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Cladhaire, Thanks for the hard work on the update. One of my favorite things about pr was the one-column goodness. Is there plans to get that implimented? Thanks!
File: WhisperCast12-28-06
Re: updated version?
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Originally posted by Tsurani someone said in the wow forums that whispercast is working for the new patch but i can't find an updated version. anyone got a link to a working version? I have not been able to find a working version either. Quite frustrating. Would love to see an updated version, even if it only works out o...
File: PerfectRaid12-24-06
Likely it's done when it's done....
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Likely it's done when it's done. omg....stop jumping all over people who ask about an ETA. It's not like there have been a lot of requests. Patch 2.0 has been out for a few weeks now. So it's not like they're asking right after. It's not a "are we there yet? are we there yet?" situation....yet. It's not unreasonable to ask fo...