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File: ArcadiaLogos02-21-07
Mazzlefizz: Theoretically it IS...
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Mazzlefizz: Theoretically it IS possible, but only if you have the nameplates for other people enabled(See the code of the latest SCT for hints on how to do it.).
File: Saeris's LootLink01-23-07
Posted By: cypherpunks
About the loot sharing for atlas, may I suggest that you use this to prevent disconnects: http://www.wowwiki.com/ChatThrottleLib
File: Clique01-17-07
I have a problem. Maybe you can fix...
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I have a problem. Maybe you can fix it, maybe not, maybe this is intentional behavior, maybe not. Or maybe you can add it as a new feature. Before 2.0.x came, I used to have an addon from the cosmos suite called CastOptions. This addon had an option called worldcast(Among others like Smart ranking and what not). Basically, every spel...
File: MapReveal12-27-06
Conflict with AlphaMap & MapNotes
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Error: attempt to index field 'StoredData' (a nil value) AddOn: MapReveal File: MapReveal_Main.lua Line: 50 Count: Infinite Interface\AddOns\AlphaMap\AlphaMap.lua:1136: in function `AlphaMapFrame_Update' Interface\AddOns\AlphaMap\AlphaMap.lua:365: in function `AlphaMapFrame_OnEvent' :2: in function <:1> : in function `SetMap...