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File: SCT - Damage12-29-06
Re: Re: About stcd in PVP
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Originally posted by Grayhoof That option is no longer built into SCTD as it caused a ton of problems for people on PvP servers. The best thing to do would be to disable SCTD and enable WoW damage whenever you want to PvP. I'll, THX BTW, there is one "error": i'm Warrior, so when it appears the message 'Overpower!' in Bat...
File: SCT - Damage12-26-06
About stcd in PVP
Posted By: Icarus-669
Hi there, and sorry if this is a a common question but: I cant find the option to disable sctd in pvp but keep it in pve. sctd is a great mod, but i prefer the wow damage in pvp. So please anyone tell me how i can do that, if that is possible. THX