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File: DocsUI Biting for Dummies01-31-10
Had an odd bug tonight, for some re...
Posted By: Fendryl
Had an odd bug tonight, for some reason the RL's whispers didn't come through for the first few bites. He saw the sends, but I definitely didn't get them. A round or two later I started getting them again. It'd also be nice to either have an option to customize the message sent, or perhaps include the biters name. Reason being...
File: CharSheet+01-14-10
Re: GearScore
Posted By: Fendryl
Originally posted by Jaim Sandar The "small button" partially hides the GearScore display, and the extended view completely covers it up. Thank you. If you're using GearScoreLite it won't be moved. Line 24 needs to be: if IsAddOnLoaded("GearScore") or IsAddOnLoaded("GearScoreLite") then
File: Faceroller Blood DK DPS01-10-10
Re: Not packaged...
Posted By: Fendryl
Originally posted by Xylan Trueheart correctly. Upon unzipping the file it opens to two files, a .lua and a .toc one. I beleive it should be in its own folder like Faceroller_BloodDPS or some such. Oops, new file should have that fixed.
File: Faceroller01-03-10
Originally posted by hungtar Prob...
Posted By: Fendryl
Originally posted by hungtar Probably the part marked red is the problem. Or does the buff have stacks? I've been working on a DK blood dps module & ran across a bug that's in all the DK modules. NextShot() gets called with a filtered list of buffs so you only get back your self-cast ones, as such the logic in the DK modules f...
File: GearScoreLite01-01-10
I'm seeing some odd behavior both w...
Posted By: Fendryl
I'm seeing some odd behavior both with the gearscore only appearing occasionally on mouseovers. (I've disabled tiptac & the behavior is still present.) Sometimes mousing over a unitframe (be it a grid square, or a shadowUnitFrame) will cause the score to show, sometimes it's won't be there. I can usually get it to show by target...
File: Broker_Equipment12-22-09
Probably a dumb question, but I can...
Posted By: Fendryl
Probably a dumb question, but I can't seem to find the reason anywhere. =) Sometimes the set name that's displayed in on docking station is in white, sometimes it's in red. What does the color difference indicate?
File: Faceroller11-11-09
Something I've noticed switching ov...
Posted By: Fendryl
Something I've noticed switching over from Faceshooter - for serpent sting and explosive shot (when L&L is active), the button would update based as soon as you finished 'casting' (i.e. the shot fired), FR seems to watch for the debuff applications instead, any chance of changing that behavior? Thanks!