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File: Ion Action Bars11-28-12
when im shitching specs the buttons...
Posted By: Rhema
when im shitching specs the buttons wont change anymore automatically and the menu is emtpy, cant acces the options of this addon I had a similar problem. When I switched specs, It would not change any of my bars i had setup for my 2nd spec. This is how I finally fixed it. I changed into the spec that my buttons were "locked in...
File: Raven10-13-12
Icon Clock direction
Posted By: Rhema
Hello, Just started using addon and wish I would have made the switch sooner. Simply AMAZING! Being able to customize my buffs, debuffs and make custom bars for certain cooldowns all in one addon is extremely helpful. Now to my hopefully simple question... Is there a way to remove the Icon clock direction? I want the icon a...
File: Prat 3.009-14-10
mouseover chat-highlighting
Posted By: Rhema
I remember having this option in previous versions, but I have spent hours looking for it with the current version and cannot find it. Trying to find where the option to enable mouseover chat-highlighting is. I thought it used to be under Chat Formatting > Nameplates > Option to enable highlighting. Could someone please let m...