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File: Bookworm10-20-08
This is still working in 3.0.2, how...
Posted By: Ev_
This is still working in 3.0.2, however when I create a category, all of a sudden nothing is browseable. I can open /bw browse and select read/unread/all/uncategorized, but am not able to click into any books. As soon as I delete the categories I created, it's fine again.
File: Dash09-22-07
This is a brilliant idea for a mod,...
Posted By: Ev_
This is a brilliant idea for a mod, and I just started trying it out. I put my monkeyquest frame on Dash, and noticed that the "Quest Item" counter that MQ adds to tooltips no longer updates until I pop open Dash. It's like putting the frame on Dash prevents MQ from firing the event that updates the tooltip. Thinking about how you...
File: Auditor07-28-07
I was just thinking to myself, "I w...
Posted By: Ev_
I was just thinking to myself, "I wish I could get my Accountant button off the screen." I think I love you. Can we get this mod listed on files.wowace.com? I'd like aceupdater to be able to pick up on it.
File: XLoot Monitor (Inactive)07-01-07
How difficult would it be to implem...
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How difficult would it be to implement the history the same way the chat frames work? IE things fade out after their time out, but you can scroll back up to see them. I think that would be a great feature rather than having to dig through the menu to see an item that jumped off the list too fast.
File: Its' Bag Mover03-12-07
It doesn't do anything!
Posted By: Ev_
The messages confirm that I change the numbers, but the bags still all open in the same place.
File: XLoot02-25-07
Re: Autoloot
Posted By: Ev_
Originally posted by aeolus Also, when the looting window appears your mouse is right over top of the quantity of what you are looting. Is it possible to move the window a bit off so when you are looting you can see the quantity? Check the XLoot options again, there's an offset that you can change.
File: XLoot02-18-07
bug with MobInfo2
Posted By: Ev_
XLoot causes a little bug with MobInfo2. Empty loots are often added as two loots to MobInfo's "times looted" counter. It happens with regular and auto-looting.
File: Ace202-02-07
Ace2 + decorative pet = error
Posted By: Ev_
When trying to use any "decorative pets" for the first time the "Using this item will bind it to you" message pops up. Clicking OK causes this error message from any Ace mod: has been blocked from an action only available to the Blizzard UI. You can disable this addon and reload the UI. Only happens when trying to bind a new p...