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File: Leatrix Latency Fix09-12-09
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300-400 ms before LLF:( 140-160ms after LLF :banana:
File: YKTarget05-23-09
Great mod:banana: Can you make it s...
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Great mod:banana: Can you make it so it only shows when you have a target?
File: Lexan03-10-07
@theeo123 yep.. when you enable...
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@theeo123 yep.. when you enable the block trades option in lex. it checks the "block trades" in the interface options menu. it stays that way. you will have to clear the checkbox on your own. annoying to say the least.
File: Sage UnitFrames12-28-06
Re: Re: Frame names
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Originally posted by Tuller Frames are nameless. You can get them using SageFrame.Get('unit') where unit is the unitID of whatever unit you want (player, pet, targettarget, etc) Thanks, but the .Get command doesn't return anything :( Were the frames always nameless? Benecast, pre2.0, was working with Sage.
File: Sage UnitFrames12-27-06
Frame names
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I work with the Benecast Dev to add more unit frames for Benecast to support need some info plz :D frame names for player player pet party party pet target target of target thanks for any help :D Darc