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File: Shadowed Unit Frames04-08-10
Almost perfect
Posted By: Graffik
This addon is just about perfect. Except how do I know what class I have selected, or what class my party members are? By the color of their health bars? What if I choose to make everyone's health bar the same color to avoid confusion? Is there an option to show Class Icons? If there was that would be beast! Indicators -> Class...
File: Distance12-28-06
Refreshing distance
Posted By: Graffik
Is there a way to have the distance update constantly (real time), telling you approximately how far you are from your target, rather then updating whenever your target is in or out of range? ...maybe some Options menu items: Set OOR: 1----(slider) ----100 Set Refresh Time (In Seconds): 0.2----(slider)----1 Just seemed rea...