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File: MetaMap03-30-08
Please, someone update this addon...
Posted By: Dragaine
I love this map addon. I've tried Cartographer and it just doesn't compare for me. Now I'm having problems where the map won't always come up. If I knew anything about coding, I would update this thing myself, but I don't...if anyone that does could be so kind, I'm sure I'm not the only one that would appreciate this being updated.
File: FuBar - HonorFu05-24-07
Download this for the first time ye...
Posted By: Dragaine
Download this for the first time yesterday from Curse. When I went to BG, it totally messed up the BG screen you can normally bring up that shows the players and kills and such. Sorry I don't have all the error message info. I was really looking forward to using this, so I hope it can be fixed.