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File: Fishing Buddy12-04-12
Fishing without a Pole
Posted By: Krowize
I get no LUA error or anything other than the Red MSG that i either need to equip a pole(guess its trying to attach a lure) or didn't land in fish-able water or i drink the captains lager(so not happy bout that) and i DON'T have a Fishing pole equipped (but i have the weather beaten hat on - hey its stats! ) i was wondering if Fis...
File: ZHunterMod11-07-10
Rez this Add-on!
Posted By: Krowize
Yes i would say for the Knowledgeable person to take it over since Zanzer DID give permission for someone to take over on it.... if multiple ppl take it over Post it up generally the Smoothest and least resource hog will get the most Downloads(should be easy enough)... and if all your doing is "Fixing" the broken parts Post...
File: MetaMap08-15-08
Map Note in wrong spot and cant delete/change
Posted By: Krowize
i dunno why but my map notes for Falcon Watch in Hellfire is slightly off the mark.. it bugs the hell out of me and i was wondering where the File path for the Map Notes info on correcting the location permanently was located!? like.. C:\Progr~\War~\interface\addon\~\~ etc.. i know its a minor issue and not sure exactly why it...
File: MetaMap04-24-07
Posted By: Krowize
MetaMap\metamap.qst.lua:176:bad arguement #1 to 'pairs' (table expected, got nil)
File: Saeris's LootLink01-31-07
Bad JuJu
Posted By: Krowize
i get the following error... WoW\..\..\lootlink\LootLink_parsing.lua:65: attempt to index local 'suffixIDsToNameKeys' (a nil value) ...when i mouse over someone or open up any Merchant window with any items listed and when i loot any item from a dead mob...
File: ZHunterMod01-10-07
Originally posted by PProvost Is...
Posted By: Krowize
Originally posted by PProvost Is there a particular reason that this mod doesn't disable itself when I login w/ a non-hunter? Drives me nuts when I start a new toon... gotta run through and disable each part. Seems like it shouldn't even load. Try Clicking the Addon Button in the lower left corner of your character select sc...
File: ZHunterMod01-10-07
Posted By: Krowize
Best thing since sliced bread!