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File: RatingBuster01-21-11
Still mouseover lag issues
Posted By: NukieNuggz
Hi there, Is anyone else still having fps issue with rating buster? I've downloaded the current version r326, and I'm still having fps issues. I've deleted every addon except for rating buster, and the lag is still there. I fiqured by removing all of the addon except for rating buster, i would determine it's not another addo...
File: AI-Art12-02-09
Advanced TradeSkill Window
Posted By: NukieNuggz
First, very nice art work. Does this addon skins Advanced TradeSkill Window. I've noticed there's a portion of the addon skinned and not skinned. Is there a way to find out which texture we need to reskin the entire addon? thank you
File: oUF_Diablo03-08-09
Hello, Great UI. Awesome job :D...
Posted By: NukieNuggz
Hello, Great UI. Awesome job :D Is there anyway to adjust the width of the orbs/bar? What i mean is, the spaces in between the orbs are small for my taste. I know you can adjust the scale, but that would increase the complete size of the textures. All i want to do is to stretch the width out just a tad. So that i can add more...