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File: NeedToKnow01-30-07
the mod looks pretty sweet in gener...
Posted By: frosty69
the mod looks pretty sweet in general. id still like to use the bars for cooldowns too instead of buff fades, as displaying abilities with short CDs like fireblast, CoC and blink (ye, im not a rogue ;P) would be very convenient via the bars. thus, making the bars a bit more customizable would clearly be nice ;)
File: Frosty - Mage Water Elemental Addon01-08-07
hm, i cant configure the addon, nor...
Posted By: frosty69
hm, i cant configure the addon, nor do the bars work for my elemental. when typing "/frosty" i get the information, that "This addon only works for mages" ... i only tried it on the beta server though, not on live (im fire specced there and cba to respec ;)). edit: figured out the prob: missing german localization. german...
File: Bartender312-30-06
configurable modifier key for page swapping
Posted By: frosty69
- Dynamic Page Swapping on Modifier Down ( Shift / Ctrl / Alt ) is it possible to make the modifier key configurable, i.e. let me choose a different key than shift/ctrl/alt?