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File: Bookworm01-25-07
out-of-date Addon
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Originally posted by Warlock82 Hmm, seems 2.0.6 is making Bookworm out-of-date again :( check "Load out of date Addons"(right-up corner of Addon List window). Bookworm works without trouble :)
File: Bookworm01-01-07
Re: Re: Transferring old data
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(Sorry, I can't write English well :( ) Thank you Iriel, I am interested in the story of WoW, so Bookworm is my favorite mod. I am happy because I can use this mod on patch2.0. And thank you Pentamorous. I refer to your post, I made a tool to convert old Bookworm data file to new format. It have worked correctly for my old B...