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File: Adapt - Almost-Default Animated Portraits01-25-09
Male Undead
Posted By: Sitanel
"I have an undead male mage as my main and I love this mod, except when he slouches halfway offscreen." To my knowledge this isn't an issue with Adapt, rather an issue with Blizzards default viewpoint for all models (as far as I'm aware all unit frames that use 3D models have this problem) the same goes for (for example) all NPCs...
File: Grizzly Shared Media01-13-09
Posted By: Sitanel
GlassUnitFrames does indeed support SharedMedia3.0 and works perfectly well with Grizzly Shared Media ;) minus the problem with GuFs menu not supporting scrollable menus. To get the full list on your screen I'd suggest BetterBlizzOptions Which will allow you to re size and move the Blizzard options menu. Also I'd like to say a BIG...
File: Stuf Unit Frames (and Raid)11-03-08
For me these are simply the BEST un...
Posted By: Sitanel
For me these are simply the BEST unit frames available :D the DoT/buff display bars make tracking your DoTs on a single target child's play :D The ONLY gripe I've had with these frames is that you can turn off the portrait :P *indifferent shrugs* I can live with that :D Thank you for these :D
File: tekJunkSeller08-14-08
Does exactly what it says on the ti...
Posted By: Sitanel
Does exactly what it says on the tin and does it without a fuss :D simply the best addon of this type that I've seen
File: ZMobDB Advanced601-19-08
Firstly, I LOVE this addon ;) Seco...
Posted By: Sitanel
Firstly, I LOVE this addon ;) Second, I've been using ZMC for like 3 months now and there's only 1 bug thats really caught my attention (I don't bother to go LOOKING for bugs :p ) and thats when "Event Animations" is on and you're either playing or have killed an player of any of the races that have 2 deth animations (male dwarves,...
File: TotemMenu Redux12-30-06
An excellent addon, will come in us...
Posted By: Sitanel
An excellent addon, will come in useful for my shammy alt ^^ Just one thing though, would it be possible to implement a locking function for the totem frame (for convenience, i do keep accidentaly moving it :o