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File: Shadow Apparition01-24-11
Addon doesn't show up
Posted By: Gendji
Hi there, Tried using this with Skada-r313 but somehow the addon doesn't show up in the addon list at char screen? Tested to see if it still worked but apparition still shows up separately.
File: Recipe Book06-03-07
I get this when I leftclick on the...
Posted By: Gendji
I get this when I leftclick on the recipes listed on /rb search window. Version 2.1.0a. \RecipeBook\RecipeBookDBFunctions.lua line 690: bad argument #1 to 'lower' (string expected, got boolean)
File: Petster01-01-07
Maybe it's an idea to make the Addo...
Posted By: Gendji
Maybe it's an idea to make the Addon modulair?. Put PetsterExtended in it's own directory so people have a choice between installing just the Petfeed button or both. I also have no need for all the bar options that came with the new version. The old changes to the button itself where great, meaning the heal and call pet options, b...
File: TTSpellTimer01-01-07
Originally posted by twig314159 H...
Posted By: Gendji
Originally posted by twig314159 How are you recasting the spell? Are you clicking on the timer in the TTST timer window? Are you doing something else? If you are clicking on the timer in the TTST window: It looks likes this is completely busted and will never work again. Even with secure templates I can do the right thing, b...
File: TTSpellTimer12-31-06
Hello there, I tested the new ve...
Posted By: Gendji
Hello there, I tested the new version today and i still get the following error when i try to recast a spell through TTST by clicking on the target. http://www.xs4all.nl/~wizzard/banner/ttst.jpg Dunno if that is a TTST problem or a "Blizz changed everything that used to work" problem.