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File: ItemRack10-14-07
Nether Ray?
Posted By: Kibbs
Does anyone have a fix for the Nether Ray not triggering mount equipment? I tried adding = 1, to the problem mounts section, but no joy.
File: ArkInventory10-03-07
Originally posted by dctrjons Hav...
Posted By: Kibbs
Originally posted by dctrjons Having odd problems when I load different characters. It will open default bags at mailbox and bank and will not update consumed items. I disable/enable and it seems to fix it. Try updating Ace2 from Wowace, that fixed the same problem for me.
File: ArkInventory01-09-07
Issues with slow responce in item m...
Posted By: Kibbs
Issues with slow responce in item moves and incorrect items being picked up seems to be resolved, thanks. I did notice a minor issue with 1.3 beta however. When trading multiple items, the first item that I pick up and click on another player becomes greyed out. Subsequent items are not.
File: ArkInventory01-08-07
I had installed 1.28 yesterday, and...
Posted By: Kibbs
I had installed 1.28 yesterday, and was seeing that moving items around in my bank would not update to the new position unless I exited the bank and came back. Installed 1.29 a couple mins ago, fresh restart, and items do move but it takes 4 - 5 seconds for he item to appear in the new slot. And this is really strange... on my...
File: ArkInventory01-01-07
Window Width
Posted By: Kibbs
I came over to ArkInventory from vbagnon, for the bank browse ability, and I really love the mod. One thing that I do miss is that in the tooltip, vBagnon showed if another characater had X quantity in the bank or bags. That was very helpful for storing items on mules, without having to open their bank/bags and browsing to see who...