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File: Duffed UI v506-06-11
I have it from wowi but when you op...
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I have it from wowi but when you open his file its all one continous code there are no lines. unless im missing a setting somewhere on how to view it Originally posted by liquidbase Okay I understand. I think you have the latest version from wowi without any commits from github? If the guess is correct you have to do the...
File: Duffed UI v506-05-11
I have tried searching for all of t...
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I have tried searching for all of this and it is not found threw search feature. Open blizzardframes.lua which is located in Tukui\modules\skin Search for hooksecurefunc("LFDQueueFrameSpecificListButton_SetDungeon", function(button, dungeonID, mode, submode) for _, object in pairs(checkButtons) do local button =...
File: Duffed UI v506-04-11
LFG Tool
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Is there any work around for the lfg tool selecting all roles when find a dungeon is selected.
File: nUI : InfoPanel [VuhDo]05-09-11
Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Middle mouse
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Originally posted by KanadiaN I have done more testing without any addons except VuhDo and even with default blizzard keybinds I was unable to bind OnClick for the middle mouse button, Then I right clicked and exited the mouse software in the tray and was able to bind the middle mouse button. This is a mouse software / driver issue...
File: nUI: Integration [ButtonFacade]06-28-10
i was using the beta version of bf...
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i was using the beta version of bf when i dl the release version everything worked as normal
File: nUI: Integration [ButtonFacade]06-27-10
There is no error it just dosnet fu...
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There is no error it just dosnet function with the latest version of buttonfacade. It does not reconize nui and when you change the avaiable skins it does nothing just stays stock nui or blizzard skin. here is link to the version i am using; http://wow.curse.com/downloads/wow-addons/details/buttonfacade.aspx
File: nUI: Integration [ButtonFacade]06-26-10
Not working
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As of last update of nui and buttonfacade this add on is no longer working