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File: SimpleAuraFilter08-06-09
Posted By: ngollon
Thanks! I'll get 0.21 online soon.
File: DrawingBoard07-24-09
Please test! =)
Posted By: ngollon
Hi! I rewrote most of the code to allow boards to be saved during sessions. Raidmembers are now updated when they enter/leave the raid too. Since these were major changes, there might be bugs in there, so please report them =) Greetz Vaeyl of Nozdormu
File: Simple Soulstone02-20-09
Not at the moment, no. But your re...
Posted By: ngollon
Not at the moment, no. But your request is noted; if there is greater demand, Ill consider it.
File: DrawingBoard11-03-08
Yay, comments =)
Posted By: ngollon
Hi! I am always interested in input. =) Soon (TM) DrawingBoard will automatically watch for raid members and display their buttons without having to delete the board. I am working on that. A kind of sync feature between multiple DB installations in the raid seems much more complicated... I'll think about it, but do not expec...
File: Simple Soulstone10-24-08
Posted By: ngollon
Hi! I love feedback, please comment more =) Especially, there may be problems in the current 1.4beta1 if you are far away from the raid. If somebody has an idea what might be causing them, heres your place =) Greetz Vaeyl of Nozdormu
File: Wrong Button Go Away10-20-08
Originally posted by Taroven An e...
Posted By: ngollon
Originally posted by Taroven An easy safeguard against that (until Blizzard fixes it) would be absolutely amazing. Well, I'd give Blizzard a few more weeks before writing an addon for that. With my luck, the fix rolls in just when I finish.
File: OPie09-17-08
Feature Request? =)
Posted By: ngollon
Hi! I like how you can use OPie to get a number of seldom used buttons ouf of sight, but once you want to hide lots of buttons, you need quite a few rings and keybindings. If we could get a way to show rings by macros (like /run OPie:ShowRing(no)) and if maybe the "activate on leftclick"-option was local to a ring instead of gl...
File: Getting Things Healed09-02-08
Posted By: ngollon
Hi! I get the following error after creating a custom assignment and then trying to assign healers to it. Date: 2008-09-02 08:31:24 ID: 52 Error occured in: Global Count: 1 Message: ...e\AddOns\GettingThingsHealed\GettingThingsHealed.lua line 1609: bad argument #1 to 'getn' (table expected, got nil) Debug: : ?...
File: Math09-01-08
Try /dump
Posted By: ngollon
Hi! I think a similar function ist already built-in. /dump executes the lua expression and prints the return value to the chat, i.e. /dump 2+2 would print 4, but the expression may be as complicated as you like.
File: Wrong Button Go Away08-28-08
Bug =/
Posted By: ngollon
Thanks! Missing a pair of parentheses, I think the countdown was broken. Fixed it now. Hopefully =/
File: Simple Soulstone03-10-08
Uups. =)
Posted By: ngollon
Thanks for the input! Unfortunately this is not possible as of now, since SSS does not know the source of every soulstone. The source detection part in limited by range et al. I hope this might be possible when 2.4 comes. =) "tot" means dead. Its german and it seems like I botched my localisation =) I'll upload a fix for that,...
File: Simple Soulstone12-28-07
WoWAce Updater
Posted By: ngollon
As of now, SSS can be kept up to date using the WoWAceUpdater.
File: Simple Soulstone12-18-07
Posted By: ngollon
Hi! @onetwothree Do you have SimpleSoulstone installed, too? (Not just the one with "_Fu" at the end). @joshwill80 There is a simple text warning in the default chatframe. I doubt that I will add sounds, since I do net need them, but only time will tell =)
File: Simple Soulstone10-05-07
Warlock tracker? =)
Posted By: ngollon
Hi! This addon is meant to track the soulstones, but I think I understand why one wants to also track the warlocks =) Unfortunately, the function to link the soulstone to its owner is not very reliable. I can never reallly tell if somebody has already set his soulstone. He may just have been too far away then. So without for...
File: LayHideErrors09-28-07
Posted By: ngollon
To the author: The patch seems to have renamed the CVar EnableErrorSpeech to SOUND_EnableErrorSpeech.
File: Simple Soulstone09-07-07
No Updates?
Posted By: ngollon
Hi! You might be wondering, why there were no updates to Simple Soulstone for quite some time now. The reason ist: I do not use it and everybody I know who does reports neither bugs nor feature requests. So: If you want updates, please tell me what you want updated =)
File: BetterGuild08-24-07
Posted By: ngollon
Hi! I wondered wether it is possible to make the GuildFrame a little wider, using the space to be able to display longer names. If there is an alt with a long name, one cannot see the main, since the column is too narrow. Thanks =) Vaeyl
File: BetterFriends08-23-07
Posted By: ngollon
Hi! Your .toc file is missing a line, leading to this error. Date: 2007-08-23 20:05:48 ID: 51 Error occured in: Global Count: 1 Message: ..\AddOns\BetterFriends\Core.lua line 10: AceAddon: AceOO-2.0: Library "AceModuleCore-2.0" does not exist. Debug: : ? : error() ...ce\AddOns\ArenaMaster\Libs\AceLibrary\AceL...
File: Simple Soulstone04-30-07
Posted By: ngollon
Not being a warlock myself, I did not notice. =) I'll try to fix that, but it is not that easy to guess who set the soulstone. Well.... Uhm... the stuff is not yet in there, I noticed... maybe something got lost somehow. =) Ill work on that.
File: Simple Soulstone04-29-07
Posted By: ngollon
I did what you asked. I marked your own SS with red dashes, so that the class color is not overwritten. Do you like that? The FuBar stuff should now work better. Please test =)
File: Keep Yer Distance!04-20-07
Posted By: ngollon
"/kyd level" sets the range, under which a person i considered too close. 1 means 11 yards, 2 ditto 3 means 10, and 4 means 28 or something. Maybe metre = yard? I am not sure =) IŽll try and make this a little more usable in the next version.
File: Simple Soulstone03-22-07
Long time no update....
Posted By: ngollon
.. and the reason is: I do not know what to do =) Any suggestions? =)
File: Simple Soulstone03-03-07
Yeah =)
Posted By: ngollon
I already implemented such a feature. Try /sss list channel to set the channel you wish to send the list to and /sss list print (or left-click the FuBar Button) to send it. Initially, no channel is set and the list is just printed to your chat window. If this does not work or is missing a feature, please ask =)
File: Simple Soulstone02-20-07
I've not gotten around to mark your...
Posted By: ngollon
I've not gotten around to mark your own soulstone yet. Maybe in the next update. And either I do not get how to parse the soulstone message or there is none.... are you sure, that the soulstone shows in your log? Thanks for the comments!
File: Simple Soulstone02-13-07
Thanks for the comments =)
Posted By: ngollon
I'll try and do some work on the addon today or tomorrow. I'll try to make the display a little more (yes, even more!) customizable, adding class colors and a marker for your own stone, if desired. Unfortunately, I am not able to track who cast the soulstone on a given target, so, without forcing every warlock to install the addon,...