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File: BLP2PNG07-27-16
grayscale PNGs with transparancy ma...
Posted By: lieandswell
grayscale PNGs with transparancy may not work I'm having this problem with a PNG that's all white with different transparency values (like for a shine effect). The semi-transparent white parts become grey. I'm using the OS X version.
File: Nephilist Chat05-22-16
I added the functionality of this a...
Posted By: lieandswell
I added the functionality of this addon to DownInFront, so I'm not maintaining this anymore.
File: Nephilist Nameplates11-04-15
Is there any option in it? I prefer...
Posted By: lieandswell
Is there any option in it? I prefer the names above the healthbar. There are no options. Unfortunately, adding options basically doubles the amount of coding necessary. I put the castbars on top because they're the most time-sensitive things to see in combat (for interrupts and whatnot). Mob names really aren't that important,...
File: Nephilist Garrison11-03-15
Re: 6.2 Update?
Posted By: lieandswell
Any chance of an update for 6.2? Addon seems a bit wonky right now. Updated!
File: Nephilist Garrison12-19-14
Re: Great Addon! Love it!
Posted By: lieandswell
"Mission complete alerts now show in chat instead of a pop-up window". Is there a possibility to add a feature to allow someone to enable or disable that feature? Or to have it disabled during combat and re-enabled out-of-combat? Those are good ideas. Adding options (and the interface for the options) is a significant coding effo...
File: Nephilist Garrison12-10-14
please add this function please ple...
Posted By: lieandswell
please add this function please please I want to do something like that. I think I'm going to make a "follower home page" when you click the followers tab. It'll show you the ability and trait breakdown on your active followers as a kind of infographic. And yeah, it'd be good to have some of that info at the headhunter interface,...
File: Nephilist Garrison12-03-14
Posted By: lieandswell
NephilistGarrison-1.3.lua:386: attempt to perform arithmetic on field 'xp' (a nil value) Oh noes! Took me a while to reproduce this, but v1.3.1 fixes it. Thanks for the notification.
File: Nephilist Garrison12-03-14
Follower XP gain
Posted By: lieandswell
please . . . add a number text for how many exp to levelup in the follower list frame As of v1.3, the XP bar in the follower list now shows how much they'd gain from a successful mission (not going to add text). Also note that there is a bug on live where your followers will receive the base XP from the mission but not the rew...
File: Nephilist Garrison12-02-14
Would be nice adding a follower to...
Posted By: lieandswell
Would be nice adding a follower to a mission by right clicking at his picture? Can't you already do that with the default UI? It gives you a menu. One option is to deactivate. Another is add to mission.
File: Nephilist Garrison12-01-14
some request, please add people num...
Posted By: lieandswell
some request, please add people number In the latest version, the mission list now shows how many follower slots each mission has (the little people icons).
File: Nephilist Garrison11-30-14
simple and useful, i like it :banan...
Posted By: lieandswell
simple and useful, i like it :banana: some request, please add people number Like how many followers for the mission? Hrm. Lemme see if there's a simple, clean way to do that.
File: Engraved11-11-14
I would love to see this updated fo...
Posted By: lieandswell
I would love to see this updated for MoP and then WoD but I don't think the person that made this mod is worried about it anymore. it's no longer listed on curseforge as far as I know.... :banana::banana::banana::banana::banana::banana: Well, I've returned to WoW after an extended absence, and getting this guy running again is one...
File: Engraved12-06-10
please fix? Works again. jus...
Posted By: lieandswell
please fix? Works again. just wanted to ask if you still plan to extend this mod to other classes? Still plan to. Just a matter of finding the time.
File: SimpleRune07-28-10
Version 1.0.3 repairs the rune fill...
Posted By: lieandswell
Version 1.0.3 repairs the rune filling bug and is fully functional as of patch 3.3.5.
File: Engraved07-25-10
Originally posted by vodan one of...
Posted By: lieandswell
Originally posted by vodan one of the things i really liked about SimpleRune is the "filling up" part - it sort of lets me know how much longer I have to wait for a rune to become available. would it be possible to add this functionality back to Engraved? Implemented in version 1.5.
File: oUF Neph05-17-10
Originally posted by viking355 I...
Posted By: lieandswell
Originally posted by viking355 I wonder, I would like to have the target information on the other side of the bar, Like tha targets name and buffs/debuffs, how do i reposition them? Thankz, goodwork! You'd need to edit oUF_Neph.lua. For the name, change line 128 from self.info:SetPoint("TOPRIGHT", self.Health, "TOPLEF...
File: NeedToKnow - Updated!05-04-10
Re: Hand-Mounted Pyro Rocket
Posted By: lieandswell
Originally posted by Crytz Is there any way to show the hand-mounted pyro rocket cd? I think I've tried everything and I just can't get it to show. I don't have an engineer, either, but the name of the spell appears to be Pyro Rocket. Try using that as a spell cooldown.
File: DownInFront05-03-10
Re: Onscreen Toggle Button?
Posted By: lieandswell
...in a 10-man raid, I'd like to toggle the name plates back on without disabling your addon/changing the interface. I suppose I could make an options menu (Interface Options/Addons/DownInFront) where you could tweak what to show in what instances. I wouldn't make an onscreen button, though—kind of goes against the whole "no clutt...
File: NeedToKnow05-01-10
Re: Track GCD?
Posted By: lieandswell
Originally posted by Zobu one thing I can't see is the ability to track Global Cooldown There's a ticket about this feature request over at CurseForge, if you want to leave comments on how you think it should look/act. That said, it's a little out of NTK's current scope to track the GCD specifically, so I'm not sure when/if thi...
File: Engraved04-25-10
I'm working on better ways to move...
Posted By: lieandswell
I'm working on better ways to move & size the runes. Right now, the priority is to be able to move/size all runes as a single unit. But having more-precise ways of align or size things is also worth looking into. I would like a better way to watch my rune CDs I want to add more timer options, especially having runes fill up wi...
File: NeedToKnow04-19-10
Originally posted by autobot was...
Posted By: lieandswell
Originally posted by autobot was wondering if you would be will to make or add totally icon based version of need to know instead of bars? That's what TellMeWhen is, basically. They've diverged a bit now, though, and don't have all the same features.
File: NeedToKnow04-15-10
Originally posted by Homi I'd lik...
Posted By: lieandswell
Originally posted by Homi I'd like to setup a CD timer for Death and Decay and Howling Blast. The tricky part for DK's is not only does Blizzard's UI factor in the base CD of the spell but also the time it takes for the required runes to become active, resulting in the timer bar spiking the time remaining as it tries to make it's w...
File: NeedToKnow04-29-09
lieandswell is back in town? :eek:...
Posted By: lieandswell
lieandswell is back in town? :eek: Thanks for all the enthusiasm, guys. I'm glad you find NeedToKnow as useful as I do. Our other rogue started raiding again and I realized I finally needed to fix that "only show when cast by self" problem, heh. I'm looking into an option to have all bars in a group show the same fixed m...
File: TellMeWhen11-12-08
Version 1.1 - Added cooldown and bu...
Posted By: lieandswell
Version 1.1 - Added cooldown and buff/debuff timers. Compatible with OmniCC.
File: NeedToKnow10-19-08
I hate seeing gaps between bars whe...
Posted By: lieandswell
I hate seeing gaps between bars when not all of my buffs or debuffs are currently applied. One of the core features of NeedToKnow that the bars always appear in exactly the same on-screen position you set them to and don't move around during combat. For some people, this makes them much easier to keep track of -- you don't have to...