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File: ControlFreak04-24-09
Odd Behavior
Posted By: jgomberg
Love this app! Used it extensively on trash mobs in Sunwell. Now want to use it for trash mobs (bombs & mechanicals) in Ulduar, but I'm having unexpected problems with it. Clean install of ControlFreak- after Patach 3.1.1 Created "Druid - Entangling Roots" (ER) macro from the "Druid - Hibernate" macro and modified to re...
File: Minimap Button Frame10-06-08
MinimapButtonFrame.lua:772:stack overflow
Posted By: jgomberg
(also posted on Curse) : Getting the following error which has only occurred recently: ...\MinimapButtonFrame\MinimapButtonFrame.lua:772:stack overflow MBF then fails to work and minimap buttons return back to the minimap from the MBF. Additional details: local version = "2.0"; MBF_DRAGTITLE = "MBF 2.0" but t...
File: Bartender301-07-07
Druid Bear Form hogs Key Bindings for Druid
Posted By: jgomberg
I noticed that when I shape shift into dire bear form, then back to druid form that I seem to lose my basic druid key bindings. Instead, I get messages saying that I don't have enough rage or other similar dire bear form announcements. I have to literally exit the game to reset. The problem repeats itself if I go back into dire be...
File: Fubar_FactionItemsFu01-03-07
FactionItemsFu.lua:601 unexpected symbol near ','
Posted By: jgomberg
I loaded the most current build from WoWAce and got the following error on load: Interface\AddOns\FuBar_FactionItemsFu\FactionItemsFu.lua:601 unexpected symbol near ',' Line 601 sez: cat:AddLine('text',items,'text2',self:GetTurnInValue(items),'text3',self:GetItemTotals(items)),'text2R',1,'text2G',0,'text2B',0 so do lines:...