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File: Manage & view my Addons09-23-09
left-click in folder column
Posted By: Slona
when I LEFT-click on any line in the "Folder" column, I get an "unhandled exception has occured..." with "Conversion from string to type 'Boolean' is not valid" Does that repro or do you need the (longish) details shown in the popup? RIGHT-click shows the same and expected context menu as any other column.
File: Manage & view my Addons09-21-09
Posted By: Slona
thanks a lot Mars, following your instructions, I found SETTINGS.XML in the %USERPROFILE%\AppData\Roaming\MAVMA folder (on my Vista/WIN7 PC) and adding InterfaceCheckLoadOutdated fixed my problem :banana: but my thinking about the outdated addons is a bit different: I use the "load outdated addons" configuration to make sure I...
File: Manage & view my Addons09-19-09
outdated addons setting
Posted By: Slona
I just picked up the new 0.87 version and did not like the new warning about the outdated addons setting. I REALLY want to have that OFF and don't want to be warned every time - so IMHO you need to warn if that setting is ON (but that's a matter of taste)? unfortunately clearing the checkbox for "show a warning..." seems to be ign...
File: Athene's Gear Check09-16-09
interface version
Posted By: Slona
any chance to get the TOC file fixed with the next release? "## Interface: 32000" should be "## Interface: 30200" nowadays... I hate to have "load outdated mods" active and manually fixing this gets a bit boring after a few versions. GREAT mod though - don't want to go without it.
File: Bartender408-26-09
Originally posted by AnrDaemon Sa...
Posted By: Slona
Originally posted by AnrDaemon Same glitch, my Bar4 was placed "mid-air". H-centered and a far bit down the screen to not be in front of my eyes. It seems that coords system has changed for bars using certain anchors. Invisible bar has -H/-V coords, when I reposition it to where it must be, it became -H/+V(!) (So, hint to re...
File: LilSparky's Workshop07-05-09
Originally posted by lilsparky we...
Posted By: Slona
Originally posted by lilsparky weird. GetSellValue implementations probably shouldn't error out with a nil, which is what that ItemDataCache addon seems to be doing. i'll look into it on my end to make sure i'm not doing something bad. THANKS - that was the perfect answer! :-) your comment made me realize that I have (actu...
File: LilSparky's Workshop07-04-09
any suggestions how to get rid of t...
Posted By: Slona
any suggestions how to get rid of this (happens at logon)... TIA =================================== Date: 2009-07-05 00:49:51 ID: 1 Error occured in: Global Count: 1 Message: ...aCache\ItemDataCache_ByID_selltovendor_Functions.lua line 28: attempt to index global 'ItemDataCacheLocal_ByID_selltovendor' (a nil value) D...
File: Manage & view my Addons12-22-08
Is it possible that this program ha...
Posted By: Slona
Is it possible that this program has the date format hardcoded? When I launch MAVMA it throws an exception: Conversion from string "15.12.2008 07:47:17" to type 'Date' is not valid. That string is formated exactly as I'd want it here. Things like AM/PM or month before day is just not appreciated around here... :eek: The fa...
File: Karma (player tracking/LFG tool)07-04-08
Re: AV battleground
Posted By: Slona
Originally posted by Coren In the opposite: I plan to deactivate all tracking when in raid (configurable). sounds (partially) OK for me :-) A few days ago I had plenty of karma entries that looked like "[email protected]". I guess I got those during my latest AV runs and I really don't care for those ;-) I'm not sur...
File: Karma (player tracking/LFG tool)05-19-08
funtastic changes
Posted By: Slona
i really like the latest changes :banana: it's just that i get spammed with "can't inspect talents: multiple frames being registered..." now. sounds interesting, but i don't need to be told every few seconds. can i turn that off somehow or do i need to find the conflicting mod? i assume it's x-perl that shows me talent info too...
File: Karma (player tracking/LFG tool)05-17-08
Re: Re: auto add karma?
Posted By: Slona
Originally posted by Coren The idea isn't totally off the table, but I'm still pondering... WHOA - that's a fast reply! so i better keep you pondering :banana:: (NO! not about bananas ...) too bad my sigificant other does not play WoW - so all of my WoW budies share the same karma... :p. but tbh - in that situation I wou...
File: Karma (player tracking/LFG tool)05-17-08
auto add karma?
Posted By: Slona
is that me daydreaming, an old karma version or something i misconfigured? :confused: i "think" i remember that karma automagically added some karma (+1?) whenever i grouped with somebody? i did like that... cheers and thanks for a GREAT mod
File: FuBar 3.6.501-11-07
Critline incompatibility!
Posted By: Slona
I don't know how that "works", but I found Critline (http://ui.worldofwar.net/ui.php?id=810) to break FUBAR for me. I removed CL and Fubar is fine now :) . If CL is loaded, Fubar does not even load and I get this: Error: AceConsole-2.0: args.background.args.color: "name" must be a string File: Interface\AddOns\FuBar\FuBar.lua...
File: TBag01-10-07
Re: Not working any more.
Posted By: Slona
Originally posted by Phoenicya Same problem with me. I updated this morning and it worked fine until I logged out. Just logged back in and this is what I have. But its for all my toons. Same problem with me ;-) Works on a hunter, a warrior and a priest, but not on my mage (just in case it's class dependent?). removed all m...
File: HealerButtons01-08-07
Re: Re: Re: Maybe (NOT?)
Posted By: Slona
Originally posted by Saiiyna If you are sure the addon is loaded ( and I'm sure you are) try /hb enable /hb side to see if the appear. By default they would be next to the player frame and party frames (right hand side) If those commands do not make them so up then we have some bigger problem and I will need to know what a...
File: HealerButtons01-05-07
Re: Maybe (NOT?)
Posted By: Slona
Originally posted by Saiiyna I suppose it might but you would have to do /hb unlock drag your buttons where they should be next to your unit frames then type /hb lock The only things it uses player frames for is initial positioning. X-Perl and HealerButtons don't seem to work together :( I gave it a try and cou...