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File: Clique09-06-09
Re: Re: Clique and Dual-Spec
Posted By: Metacortex
Originally posted by Cladhaire Clique supports dual specs. You can set up two different profiles, and Clique will automatically switch between them when you change specs. Is that not sufficient? Oh, I didn't know that this is possible. Thanks for explaining :) Meta
File: Clique09-05-09
Clique and Dual-Spec
Posted By: Metacortex
Hi, I would ask if its possible to set the clique keybindings just for a special spec. The problem with dual spec is, that maybe as a holy paladin I have bound some spells that I wouldnt have as a tank and it still tries to cast those spell, even if I respecced to protection. Regards Meta
File: oUF Perfect12-02-08
Vehicle Implementation
Posted By: Metacortex
Hi, first thanks for the nice Unitframes. But 1 feature is missing, I noticed it when doing Ocolus heroic. Every party member has a drake, flighing and fighting (especially) the endboss. When mounted it uses the new vehicle system. The oUF Perfect frames only list the health from the players, not from their drakes/vehicles. So it is...
File: iTracking11-22-08
No Undead-Tracking?
Posted By: Metacortex
Hi, for me in the german-client it seems to work perfectly, but when facing undeads it will not change the tracking. I dont know, whats the problem but if it's the german-translation whats missing, it would be "Untote aufspüren"
File: Dailies Quest Tracker05-20-08
I would like to see german (deDE) s...
Posted By: Metacortex
I would like to see german (deDE) support. If you need help, tell me what I can do in this case :)