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File: Shadowed Unit Frames08-31-12
Thanks for the quick responses and...
Posted By: Castus
Thanks for the quick responses and fixes! The latest alpha works perfectly for me! These are the best unit frames, keep it up!
File: Shadowed Unit Frames08-30-12
I can confirm now that the range in...
Posted By: Castus
I can confirm now that the range indicator is not working for me neither in the party frames nor for my target. I.e. the range indicator seems broken for any unit frame and is stuck with a faded alpha. I have tried disabling the "Combat fader" and then restarting the game and this still happens.
File: Shadowed Unit Frames08-30-12
Actually, the range indicator doesn...
Posted By: Castus
Actually, the range indicator doesn't seem to work at all. I'm looking at it right now and it seems to ignore my party members even if I stand right next to them. EDIT: There's something strange going on with it. I might have confused the ranged alpha because of the "Combat fader" setting, however, my group members now seem to be...
File: Shadowed Unit Frames08-30-12
Just came back to WoW after a one y...
Posted By: Castus
Just came back to WoW after a one year abscence, and of course first thing I do is to get a new version of my favorite addon! Anyway, now while I'm setting this up, I noticed something that appears to be a bug: I use the option "Show player in party" along with the "Range indicator". Apparently, the range indicator puts me in a pe...
File: Scrolling Combat Text07-29-11
I have the same issues. I can't get...
Posted By: Castus
I have the same issues. I can't get my damage to show. I've tried displaying it in different frames and also tried to display it as always crits but it just won't show. I've also tried disabling every other mod I use but it didn't help. Can't use this mod because of this. :(
File: PhanxChat07-28-11
Oh thanks, I missed that one! Yes I...
Posted By: Castus
Oh thanks, I missed that one! Yes I admit, I didn't read through the front page before.
File: PhanxChat07-27-11
Can't switch between tabs
Posted By: Castus
I have a problem with tab switching since the edit box will come up on top of the tabs so they're not clickable. I'm running a freshly installed WoW and downloaded PhanxChat and this problem happens. I've tried turning off every other addon but it doesn't make a difference. How to reproduce the problem: When you log in you're o...
File: Classtimer07-16-09
Posted By: Castus
I really, really love this addon, thank you for making it! I do have a request though: would it be possible to create an option to have bars shown for groupmates? As of right now, I have bars above my own unit frames as well as my target's unit frames, but I'd love to have bars next to each of my group mates' unit frames as well. As...
File: PhanxChat04-19-09
I have the same problem. Can't clic...
Posted By: Castus
I have the same problem. Can't click tradeskill links. PhanxChat is the only mod I'm using related to the chat.
File: Simple Buff Bars04-19-09
I'm using r1243 and have noticed th...
Posted By: Castus
I'm using r1243 and have noticed that my poisons don't always show properly. When switching from one poison to another it happens occasionally that the buff bars list the wrong poisons (but the timer is correct). I will update to the latest version now, but I don't see anything in your changelog that would have fixed this. Thanks...
File: DoTimer04-19-09
Could you please remove the spacing...
Posted By: Castus
Could you please remove the spacing between the bars? I find everything to take more room than it needs to. The empty space between each bar fills no purpose. Love the mod otherwise!
File: ag_UnitFrames11-25-08
Anyone tried this for WLK? Does it...
Posted By: Castus
Anyone tried this for WLK? Does it still work?
File: Dominos08-08-08
Re: Re: Hiding default castbar
Posted By: Castus
Originally posted by tophero21 if you're using another cast bar mod (acb/quartz/whatever) just remove the dominos cast folder and that should take care of it. I'm not using another cast bar mod and I would like to use the Dominos one.
File: Dominos08-07-08
Hiding default castbar
Posted By: Castus
The default Blizzard castbar is still showing for me after installing this. Any idea on how to remove it? I can't find any option in the addon to hide it. Having two castbars is a bit annoying. :( I'd also like to mention that I voted 5 on this. I've always been a Bongos fan and this is just as great! A small request would be if y...
File: ag_UnitFrames08-05-08
Posted By: Castus
I LOVE these unit frames. They're simply the best! Thanks for updating them!
File: TipTac05-01-08
Posted By: Castus
Big thanks for making this superb, most excellent addon! If you haven't downloaded this one, do it now!!
File: AlarBGHelper04-21-08
Why oh why
Posted By: Castus
I like this mod, but why oh why is it necessary to be spammed with meaningless info all the time? It seems to me that this mod is displaying debug-related information all the time. Completely unnecessary for normal users. Another thing is the layout of the mod. It could be made more compact and a little more stylish. All in all...
File: HotCandy04-09-08
I like the changes you have made to...
Posted By: Castus
I like the changes you have made to this lately, but there's still one thing missing that keeps me from using this which would otherwise be a great addon: Lifebloom stacking only shows when you cast it on yourself. There's no Lifebloom stack count on other targets. Personally, I find this too important to neglect.
File: Bongos304-05-08
I need my shapeshift bars! This mod...
Posted By: Castus
I need my shapeshift bars! This mod is really unusable as a feral druid without them. They existed in Bongos2, and as far as I can tell, they don't in this version, unless I'm missing something. Thanks for a great addon otherwise.
File: Perl Classic Unit Frames03-30-08
Love this addon, but I have a few S...
Posted By: Castus
Love this addon, but I have a few SERIOUS annoyances with it: - You can't hide the frame for your own name in the player frame. WHY? I don't need to see my own name constantly! - Target of target's buffs can't change location. We can invert target's buffs/debuffs, but not target's target, so it makes for some really annoying la...
File: Red Alert12-05-07
Wow this mod is awesome! Nice job....
Posted By: Castus
Wow this mod is awesome! Nice job. I'll rate it a 5 as soon as you have added more skills to it! :) I think my druid is still missing notices about Clearcast and Nature's Grace and Improved Leader of the Pack.
File: HotCandy11-20-07
It's a good addon, but not very con...
Posted By: Castus
It's a good addon, but not very configurable. I don't like how there's a huge space between the spell icon and the timer. All the empty spaces makes it hard to make the bar smaller. An option to configure font and bar sizes would also be nice. Most important remains however: Please make the text in the bar more compact.
File: VisualThemes11-14-07
Posted By: Castus
Haven't tried this one out yet, but by watching the video I have to say this looks extremely nice! Good work on this one!
File: ag_UnitFrames05-09-07
Posted By: Castus
I love this mod, it's one of the best around! I have a couple of wishes/wonders though: - Why is there no alpha/transparency setting? - Why can't you toggle the target cast bar to auto-hide when it's unused (like it does in the default UI)?
File: CameraPlus04-09-07
There's one feature I'm looking for...
Posted By: Castus
There's one feature I'm looking for that I really hoped this mod would have, but it doesn't. It's to be able to change the height of the camera focus. The default camera in WoW focuses on the middle of your character. I'd like to change this so that it focuses a bit above your character. This is because the bottom half of my screen i...