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File: Shadowed Unit Frames03-05-10
Missing party frame - LUA error log
Posted By: Magyar
There may *possibly* have been some conflict with Magic Runes - there's a persistent error in that mod that doesn't seem to have been fixed. After disabling MR, the SUF error persisted, but the LUA log message changed. Message: ...nterface\AddOns\ShadowedUnitFrames\modules\units.lua:765: attempt to perform arithmetic on field 'uni...
File: Shadowed Unit Frames02-28-10
Missing frames
Posted By: Magyar
After I installed the latest update, my party frame has disappeared: doesn't seem to show whether I'm in a raid or out of a raid (I had set it to hide in raids). Also missing are the mini-health bars Blizzard uses for certain boss fights (the Gunship battle and Blood Princes). They might be the Arena unit frames - not being an Arena...
File: Tidy Plates: Threat Plates02-17-10
Working with other tanks
Posted By: Magyar
I saw someone else suggest this earlier in the thread without a response I notice, so its a request I'd like to reiterate: Could you implement an option that would shrink the plates and give a different glow (say blue) if the mob is being tanked by either someone designated as a main tank, or matching a specified name? ThreatPl...