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File: RatingBuster11-18-08
Focused Power
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The current version of the addon seems to think that Focused Power is a percent modifier to spell power. It's actually a percent modifier to total damage/healing done, not spell power. Notice the spell effect on Twin Disciplines: http://thottbot.com/s52803 Apply Aura: Add % Modifier (Damage) is shared by a number of "increase da...
File: FuBar - RegenFu01-07-07
The safety mechanism preventing you...
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The safety mechanism preventing you from turning off all the options actually prevents you from only having the FSR text on. There are two of these checks: -- safety in case both are off, then cant ever turn em on if ( not self:IsShowHP() and not self:IsShowMP() ) then self:ToggleShowHP(); end They should both be...